Hot Octopuss JETT

The release of a new Hot Octopuss product always creates a level of excitement as they have created several pleasurable toys that are part of my sex toy collection. When the new Guybrator arrived which has been given the name JETT, I was keen to learn the features of this newest product.

Hot Octopuss knows how to produce a smartly presented piece of packaging, as this offers a glimpse of the quality of the product. The JETT packaging doesn’t disappoint. With the outer silver reflective packaging which has an ideal set of images & product information. Inside the Jett & it’s, contents are stored inside a black moulded tray.

The contents do consist off a black expandable silicone cock ring which holds the two metallised bullets. The remote control is attached to the bullets. While the two instruction booklets & the smart black Hot Octopuss drawstring storage bag complete the contents.

The ring itself is worn directly against the frenulum & can be worn when your either flaccid or erect. I did apply a small amount of water based lube to.the inner ring aided me in slipping the ring on. The main features of the Jett is a first I’m the world of penis sex toys as the bullets let you decide the strength and frequency of vibrations, as you can blend together the treble & bass together as you set both individual bullets. The Treble Bullet emits powerful high-frequency waves while the Bass Bullet delivers deep, rumbly vibrations.

The attached remote control does require 4xAA batteries(not supplied) to allow you to choose your required setting. The left ‘+’ & ‘-’ work the treble while the same buttons on the right work the bass. Positioned just below these controls is a pattern button to let you choose from 5 different vibrations patterns, to aid you in enjoy hands-free orgasm.

I did begin to play with the Jett without having an erection as I wanted to feel how the vibrations felt as my erection grew. There is an incredible amount of equal power from the two bullets. As I enjoy the first stimulating feel of the Jett against my frenulum. It wasn’t long that my penis stays flaccid as the feel of the two bullets brought a pleasurable feeling that I soon was now sporting an erection.

As I played with the controls there is a variety to the feel of the bullets with being able to control them individually. As you can either have them both set identical or one set at a higher level than the other. Throughout several sessions with the Jett, this adds a freshness to play, by being able to have different settings & combining this with the different patterns it allows you to enjoy different styles of pleasure.

I would say the bullets are quite noisy so if you were after some discreet play then you would be best to wait for an empty house. The feel of the bullets did bring a delightful level of stimulation and gave me an extreme firmness to my shaft with a pure excitement being felt throughout my erection that I felt the Jett had given me an extra edge, that while I did not reach climax it did improve my feelings during masturbation or sex as it allowed me to go on & improve my sensations during climax.

Something my wife did particularly notice during sex is the added firmness to my shaft, which also allowed for her to enjoy several orgasms throughout penetration. The added firmness was also a treat to experience during my solo fun as the feelings generated throughout my erection did work perfectly as I used my favourite masturbator to enjoy one hell of an ending to my solo fun.

Overall Hot Octopuss has created another cock ring that knows how to bring an ideal level of pleasure to the bedroom. The Jett has a range of delightful features that can be enjoyed throughout your penis, from being soft to gaining an erection. While the patterns & the combination of the new bass & treble bullets provide you with a fantastic level of vibrations as the perfect aid to raise your stimulation to go on and enjoy some stunning masturbation/sex.

The JETT is available to purchase from Hot Octopuss for £49.99

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