TENGA Air Tech Ultra-size masturbator

Tenga products have always played there in my masturbation pleasure ever since I began using sex toys from my first Tenga egg. Even a recent as last year I experienced new pleasures because of the Tenga & in particular the Black Ev. Now here we are in 2019 & I have the opportunity to experience a different Tenga masturbator thanks to Crimson Princess who sent me the Air Tech Ultra-size masturbator to review.

The masturbator arrived with a lovely silver & black striped wrapping. Which is easily removed by the perforated strip. The casing itself is & has a removable cap. While positioned on the top is air-hole to provide an extra suction during a session. This particular masturbator is compatible with a vacuum controller if you already own this product/planning on purchasing. this does provide extra suction sensations during use of the Air-Tech.

After removing the outer wrapping the ABS outer casing is a smart black colour. There is a screw cap which gives you access to the white TPE inner sleeve. The sleeve itself is lined with a series of textures such as ribs & varied different sized nubs to provide you with a variation to the stimulation that you can be felt throughout the length of your erection. A test tube of Tenga real lotion is supplied to provide with enough lube to assist you in your first session with the Air Tech.

The sleeve has a lovely soft feel to its finish which is evident on penetration as it felt delightful around my shaft combined with a lovely tight entry into the sleeve. As this allowed me to enjoy an ideal start to a masturbation session. This feeling did simply continue as I found myself fully penetrating all 6 internal inches the textures really knew how to build up my sensitivity & pleasure as they really work themselves around my erection.

Before I do reach climax I introduced the internal vacuum. I don’t personally own one of the Tenga vacuum controllers so personally, I can’t talk about this particular feature of this particular products. So instead I cover over the air hole with my thumb & carry on thrusting the masturbator. A strong suction is created which does work particularly well as there is a tightness to each individual thrust. While I feel this is suitable for a short section during play I don’t feel that I could reach a climax using the suction.

Switching back to my first style of play there is a greater feel of the textures that allows me to build up my stimulation. As there is a smooth edge to the thrusting rhythm that I’m now creating. Which does bring an ideal smoothness to the feel of the inner sleeve, while the firm outer casing allows me to as have a good grip to create this level of pleasure that soon had me reaching a climax that felt deeply pleasing throughout as I experienced a stimulating session during my masturbation fun with the air-tech.

Cleaning of the Air-Tech after use is aided by being able to remove the sleeve by slowing working it out of the sleeve. I do wash the sleeve by submerging in warm water before cleaning over with a sex toy cleaner. I partially dry over with a towel before leaving to dry naturally overnight & placing back in the casing the following day.

Overall my favourite Tenga products are from their flip series range but I have been impressed with the Air-Tech to use as an alternative Tenga masturbator. The textures really know how to bring about my pleasure as the ribs & nubs perfectly work themselves to stimulate every inch of your penis.

The TENGA air Tech Ultra-size masturbator was sent to me by Crimson Princess in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which is my own. The Air-Tech can be purchased from Crimson Princess at a discounted price of £26.99

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