We-Vibe Tease & Please Collection

Are you looking for that one festive gift to present to your partner for both of you to enjoy some Christmas magic in between the sheets?

We-Vibe may have created the ideal answer with the Tease & Please collection that is a collaboration of toys that will satisfy both your needs with a powerful couples vibrator & a compact clitoral stimulator included in this brand new set.

In the form of the We-Vibe Match and the Womanizer Starlet which arrived in a stunning winter themed deep red & white colour schemed sturdy box. Upon removing the lid I was greeted with the set of toys as they looked perfectly presented in the moulded foam tray. The renaming contents are stored neatly below. Which consist of a charging dock, two USB charging cables, a remote control, a 30ml bottle of Pjur Lube & a lovely white silky storage bag.

Match Description

The light red match is made from 100% body safe silicone & is fully waterproof. There is an ideal amount of flex to the vibrator, to allow for the C-Shaped body to perfectly mould itself for you to personally gain the maximum G-spot & Clitoral contact while the internal arm also brings about penis stimulation thought the length of your erection during penetration.

On the outer edge of the match itself is the We-Vibe logo alongside the power button & two magnetic charging points. The pleasures that this couples vibrator hold come in the form of an impressive duel stimulating 10 rumbly vibrating different speeds/patterns.
Controls & Charging

Controlling the whisper-quiet vibrations can be achieved by using the four button remote control to offer an easy manner to filter through the varied range of speeds & patterns. If you have a pattern that is a particular favourite then a great feature of the match is how it remembers the last pattern you used.

The match will require a full charge on arrival. This will take 90 minutes to complete where you will get 2 hours of play.
Match Usage

There was a joint excitement in having the match join us in bed as my wife positioned the couples toy inside her vagina & placed directly on to her clit as I could see the vibrations were offering her an instant stimulation. I was keen to find out the pleasure of this vibrations throughout my erection. I was soon discovering the joys of the powerful vibrations particularly to the head of my penis, which did remain throughout our session. Penetration into my wife still felt perfectly smooth alongside the match.

My wife did need to hold the match onto her clit to keep it in position to offer direct stimulation throughout. This didn’t result in any of our pleasures being comprised as we both enjoyed the feel of the constant vibrations with each individual slow thrust.

The further our session progressed both of us were feeling the benefits of the vibrations as the match became a delightful toy to further join & stimulate our bodies together & enjoy a great level of clitoral, penis & G-spot delight that just raised itself in the heights our lovemaking session we’re now reaching. Especially as we both reached the point of no return simultaneously to enjoy an orgasm that felt stunning at the loss of control we experienced as the pleasure throughout our bodies were one of pure sexual delight. As we enjoyed the feel of the match stimulating both of us in all the right places.

Even after climax, the pleasure doesn’t end there as we enjoy the moment of climax the vibrations are still a joy to experience as they bring about an extra level of sensitivity as an ideal finish to our lovemaking session & this fabulous couples toy.
Starlet Description

The compact angelic Womanizer Starlet has a delightful white & silver colour body & is made from ABS & has a single power push button to put you in control of the four whisper-quiet vibrating modes.

To allow you to enjoy a high level of suction & gentle massaging pleasure from the Air Technology feature to deliver pure clitoral stimulation. The head of the womanizer is made from medical grade silicone.

The starlet will require a full charge on arrival. This will take an initial 3-hour charge, which will be indicated by a flashing red light which becomes a solid light once completed.
Scarlet Usage

Applying a required amount of Pjur water-based lube to your clit before play did allow for a smoother feel during use. The scarlet is ideal to hold during use as it perfectly fits in your palm, we found this to be the case whether I was pleasuring my wife or she was indulging in some solo play.

Personally, suction toys are not my wife first choice of clitoral toys as she prefers toys such as the Tango. Using this particular toy it did tick all the boxes and while it may be small in size it certainly didn’t lack the power. My wife felt she gained more pleasure from the scarlet after her clit was already stimulated & then introduced the toy into the session. As this brought about a higher level of clitoral pleasure as we cycled through the vibrations settings as you can enjoy a build up your level of play, without disturbing the contact of the tip.

My wife does enjoy the higher strength patterns as this did easily allow her to feel further aroused to leave her clit feeling sensitive & stimulated. As she felt pleased with the clitoral pleasure she had received from the starlet & is a suitable toy to enjoy alongside viginal pleasuring.

Cleaning of the toys is easily achieved especially with the match being waterproof I simply spray over with a sex toy cleaner and wash over with warm water & simply towel dry.

The silicone tip is removable which is ideal as it aids you in the cleaning process, which I begin by cleaning round with a cotton wall bud before thoroughly washing with sex toy cleaner & warm water before drying. The tip simply pushes back into the body of the starlet.

Overall The We-Vibe Tease & Please Collection is a great set of toys to enjoy over the coming winter months. As the combination of We-Vibe & Womaniser joining forces to create this ideal couples set that will please you both to enjoy several moments of stimulation. Either from the Match to enjoy together during lovemaking or from the beautiful petite Starlet for some clitoral pleasure from the air technology offering suction & gentle massaging.

Whether you buying this together as a couple or choosing it as a sexual gift for your lover this Christmas hours of fun will be guaranteed with this wonderful collection.

The Tease & Please Collection was sent to me by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinions; which are my own. The collection can be purchased from We-Vibe for £149

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