TENGA Spinner Hexa

The Spinner Hexa is the second product I have reviewed from the new range of masturbators from Tenga after previously owning the Shell. The three individual Spinners has their own names (Tetra, Hexa & Shell) textures & coloured design.

Each Spinner comes cellophane wrapped inside a delightful storage case which has a clear central casing to give you a slight view of the orange coil inside the sleeve. There two removable grey caps positioned both ends.

The semi-clear sleeve is 5.11 inches in height but can be stretched to a total length of 6.73 inches. The sleeve is made of a smooth Elastomer material and is lined with a series of Hexagonal Tiles with Pointed Edges combined with the orange coil positioned internally. The spinner does come with a supplied 10ml sachet of TENGA Real Hole Lotion for an instant first play to be possible.

After applying the lube to the inner sleeve & the tip of my penis. I like to begin by the session by working the sleeve slowly down in a twisting motion as not only does this get you used to the twisting feature of the spinner. My first set of pleasures arrived from this as there was a blow job sensation to enjoy that built up a level of sensitivity to my penis.

As my solo play continues the twisting movement of the spinner is a delight to feel alongside the textures. As the orange coil allows for the sleeve to stretch & then wrap itself around your penis.

Once a thrusting rhythm has been created your pleasure soon builds up. Personally, I love to fully stretch the sleeve down to the base of my shaft as the coil works itself back up my erection adding to the pleasure I am experiencing.

Especially in slow motion as this leaves me feeling sensitive & stimulated with each thrusting movement. Particular as I apply a firm press to the sleeve as this allows me to strongly feel the textured tiles to build up my climax to enjoy a masturbation session that results in a sensitive yet thrilling orgasm as I delightfully fill the spinner.

Overall the TENGA Spinner Hexa is a delightful sleeve to use & does offer a different style of masturbation pleasure. Thanks to the great twisting motion & wonderful Hexagonal Tiles for a great range of stimulating pleasures.

The TENGA Spinner Hexa was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which is my own.

The spinner can be purchased from for a sale price of £29.99. Currently, Lovehoney only stock the Tetra. If you would like the Hexa it can be purchased directly from Tenga for €30.00

If you would like to read my review of the Spinner Shell then you can here.

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