TENGA Spinner Shell

2018 has been an impressive year over at Tenga HQ as they have brought about new levels of pleasurable heights from the sex toys that have been designed this year including the Black Flip Zero, a Tenga Egg Anniversary Set, of course, the exquisite Black & White EV. While the year may nearly be over Tenga have another new release in the form of the Spinner.

The Tenga Spinner has three sleeves in the range with each one having there own individual textures & coloured design. There are named Tetra, Hexa & Shell which is the one I am reviewing here.

The sleeve itself is semi-clear & is made from TPE. The green coil is clearly visible through the smooth outer edge and is positioned internally to give stretch to the sleeve as the height begins at 5.11 inches but can stretch to offer an insertable length of 6.73 inches. While the fan tiled shaped textures with their firm edges bring a good level of stimulating feeling to your penis. The spinner does come with a supplied 10ml sachet of TENGA Real Hole Lotion.

Using the sachet of lube I applied a small amount to the head of my penis & emptied the rest into the spinner itself. This was a sufficient amount of lube to last the session. I love slowly twisting the sleeve down my erection as it allows for an instant stimulating feeling to begin my solo fun.

Particular to the tip of my penis as I enjoy getting used to the feeling of the textures & the twisting feature of the masturbator. Especially as the further I work the sleeve down my erect penis the coil begins to stretch & as it rises back up it delightfully wraps itself around your shaft.

Once I have created a good twisting & thrusting rhythm there is a joyous pleasure being felt as I stretch the sleeve out over the full length of my erection. The stimulation in which I feel is pleasing throughout as the touch of the twisted sleeve easily builds up my pleasure particularly by firmly holding the sleeve allows for a stronger feel of the textures.
Being able to watch my pleasure taking place as my penis is clearly visible through the semi-clear spinner further adds to the excitement of my solo fun. That allows me to build up my climax in several different ways from the impressive twisting motion to the feel of the firm textures ideally arouse me to enjoy a masturbation session full of pleasures that resulted in a thrilling release as I experience a climax inside the sleeve.

After using the cleaning of the spinner is easily completed. As you wash out any lube/body fluid before applying a sex toy cleaner and thoroughly wash over the sleeve. To dry the sleeve this is where the clear plastic stand from the storage case doubles up as a drying stand for you to leave the sleeve to easily dry overnight.

Overall TENGA latest creation is a stroker with a difference that certainly stands out. As the twisting motion feature alongside the stimulating textures provides you with a great level of pleasure to enjoy this newly styled masturbator several times over.

The TENGA Spinner Shell was sent to me by TENGA in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which is my own.

The spinner can be purchased directly from TENGA for a sale price off €30.00

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