Doxy Super Powerful Number 3 Aluminium Cast Wand Massager.

When Crimson Princess got in touch to see if I would be interested in testing a product. I expressed an interest in reviewing a Doxy wand & Lewis sent me the Doxy Super Powerful Number 3 Aluminium Cast Wand Massager. I must admit there was a high level of anticipation as my journey into the world of a Doxy product were set to begin.

In case you haven’t heard of Crimson Princess they are a UK based company. Who sells a varied range of toys, bondage, lingerie & all the essentials you would require in the bedroom. They do stock products from brands such as Hot Octopuss, Fleshlight & Bathmate to name a few. All deliveries are sent out quickly & extremely discreet so the contents of your parcel remain securely inside.

My initial thoughts did begin with the impressive looking and perfectly presented packaging in which the Doxy arrived. After removing the gold sleeve which has images of the doxy surrounding the sleeve printed on. I was greeted with a hint of the luxury that lay in wait as the Doxy is stored in a smart white box. After removing the branded lid The Doxy 3 is positioned inside a black moulded tray. This added to the memorizing sight of the brushed silver aluminium body stands out to look beautiful yet alluring sexy.

Holding the Doxy for the first time it did have a weighted feel to the wand. Not from personal experience I am led to believe the Doxy 3 is reasonably lighter than the original Doxy. I was satisfied with the weight (350g) as it felt suitably heavy without being too hard to hold particularly during use.

The size dimensions of the Doxy is 11 inches in length of the main body which has 3 large LED circular buttons. That is ideally sized to allow you to easily use them during a session with fiddling about looking for the controls. These consist of a power button, which offers two different settings in the form of a constant or a variable escalating pulse setting. To use the pulse setting you simply hold the button for 3 seconds to enter this mode.

Led buttons doxy

The two ‘+’ & ‘-’ buttons give you control of the selected speeds you require as there is an impressive range of speeds for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a lower vibrating setting or you are a power queen.

The head of the wand is made from medical grade black silicone & is removable that not only allows for a simple clean. It also lets you modify your Doxy 3 by using the 4 different attachments that are available to purchase separately. The U.K plug power cord is 3 meters long which is ideal if your socket is positioned away from your intended place of use.

The Doxy can be used for either clitoral or penis pleasure. I begin with the pleasure I experienced after my wife subjected my cock to the first use of the doxy. I find a slight covering of water-based lube to the head does bring about a smoother feel during play. The doxy were first positioned onto my frenulum where I was expecting to feel a good level of stimulation to find it didn’t do anything for me.

Instead what did bring about my pleasure were the wand head being pressed into my urethral opening as I enjoyed the feeling of the vibrations particular to the head of my penis as this soon brought upon my erection. My pleasure were of an extreme nature as I did feel the true force of the vibrations as the wand was now being worked over the length of my erection, in particular as the wand was rubbing between the top of my shaft and the head of my penis as this particular motion suited me as I truly discovered how well the Doxy can please you. As this motion continued I could feel my climax building there already was a sense that I wasn’t in control of my own pleasure anymore as it was in the hands of my wife & the Doxy 3. I only had reached a lower vibration setting at this stage though personally, I prefer this as I felt it gave a higher level of stimulation. As my wife continued working the Doxy over my penis I were loving the stimulation the Doxy was bringing me as close as possible to climax but such was the level of pleasure running through my body, we felt an ideal level of fore-play had taken place we chose to switch to penetrative sex as we enjoyed some impressive sex as a result of the Doxy that brought about us enjoying several orgasms.

After my experience of the Doxy, I was looking forward to returning the favour & treating my wife to some clitoral pleasure. As I introduced the doxy to her clit she enjoyed the build-up of speed on the constant setting as it provided a good level of pleasure throughout the session that got more powerful the further we continued she loved the highly stimulating vibrations this wand were providing her with. We have always been slightly unsure of using a main power sex toy before but the Doxy 3 was showing us all the positives as clitoral pleasure is something my wife loves during sex and she was now experiencing everything she craves just a new higher level of stimulation as she enjoyed multiple squirting pleasures.

The deep rumbly vibrations that arise from the Doxy do not only offer sexual pleasure. As there is also the option to enjoy a deep massage after sex or just for a general massage to your body any time you like to ease those aches & pains. My wife loves a back rub in the evenings & this wand has been a godsend as it allows for a delightful massage that completely relaxes her & lets her enjoy a deep massage that removes all the aches she has to let her feel refreshed afterwards.

It is worth noting with the Doxy that there is a high level of noise during use. So if you needed to be discreet with your sex toys then this is something to keep in mind with this particular wand.

After removing the head I give it a spray with sex toy cleaner and washed over with warm water. I then simply towel dry & screw the head back into the wand. The body of the wand isn’t waterproof so if it did require a clean then a light wiping over with a wet wipe is sufficient.

Overall the Doxy Super Powerful Number 3 Aluminium Cast Wand Massager has been an amazing addition to our collection of sex toys. It has many impressive features from the gorgeous appearance to being a perfect couples toy that we both look forward to using. The level of pleasure it brings is of a high sexual nature for us to indulge in whether it is for penis or clitoral stimulation. When we don’t feel like using the wand sexually a deep massage is available from the Doxy to ease away any aches & pains. I can’t recommend this wand enough and if you are looking to buy or upgrade with a wand then you won’t go far wrong with the Doxy 3.

The Doxy Super Powerful Number 3 Aluminium Cast Wand Massager was sent to me by Crimson Princess in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own. The Doxy 3 can be purchased from Crimson Princess in there current Doxy Sale for £107.99.

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