UK Blog Awards 2019 Voting.

The UK Blog Awards 2019 voting has just begun to take place. I am excited to reveal that my blog ( have made it through to the second stage of the Blog Awards.

The second stage is where the public vote begins. There is a different format this year compared to previous years.

So, for the 2019 awards year, the public vote will count for 40% of your second stage score, a score that will be added to a judges scorecard (worth 60% of the score) – this will determine who goes through to the finalist round.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog over the past year and would like to vote for me in the UK Blog Awards 2019.

Then you can do so here

This is all the information that will be required to submit a vote for

Click on the categories and view the entries.

To see their website, click on the globe.
To see their entry information, click on the “i”.
To vote for their entry, click on the red heart.

Please note, there is only one vote per person per category.

Many thanks in advance.

Bondage God.


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