Lair Wooden Horseshoe Paddle

I have often wondered how the feel of a wooden paddle would compare to leather as I own a varied range of paddles, crops and whips including the Lair Leather Cut-Out Horseshoe Paddle. When Bondara offered me the opportunity to test the Lair Paddle except in wood I was excited about the prospect of bringing this paddle into our bondage sessions.

After opening Bondara own gorgeous branded box I loved the first appearance of the horseshoe paddle. The brown Sheesham wood looks beautiful to view while the feel of the solid wood allows for a weighty feel to the paddle and is rather suggestive at the strength of the spanks that it could deliver. The paddle itself is 13” in length and 6” in width at the largest point, with a thickness of 1.5”. The horseshoe itself is raised from the smooth body of the paddle which is ideal to leave the lovely mark of the horseshoe pattern embedded into your skin.

On experiencing this wooden paddle for the first time I was restrained and blindfolded up, which did allow for the excitement to build up as I didn’t know when or which impact tool my body would be subjected to. When I did get my first thwack of the 8” horseshoe I know immediately which one it was as there is a clear firm harder spanking to my bum cheeks taking place as I could feel the shape of the horseshoe which did allow for a strong telling impact as it came into contact with my skin.

While the main feature of the paddle is the horseshoe design the opposite side of this is the perfectly smooth back. While I didn’t expect to use this side my wife had great pleasure in delivering it onto my bare naked bum. In one thwack of this particular side did bring me a stronger spanking in one use instead of multiple uses from other paddles that I already own.

After I had felt the true force that left me feeling that I have been on the receiving end of an extremely strong & firm thwack that left my bum cheeks redraw and throbbing. After a few minutes, a stinging sensation begins to set in to truly remind me of the spanking that I am being delightfully subjected to. A lasting impression has been made as I can still the effects of the paddle hours later on my redraw bum cheeks.

My wife did mention how the paddle felt ideal to hold the handle which measures at 5” in length to give her a suitable amount to grip. As this allowed her to give me the strength of spanking she wishes to give to me. The wrist loop does aid in this to allow for a strong & secure swing of the paddle.

Overall The Lair Wooden Horseshoe Paddle is the firmest impact tool that I own as it capable of delivering a hard spanking that would be best suited to experienced users rather than beginners into this style of play. I do feel that the horseshoe paddle is best introduced later into the session as a build-up of using less intense paddles allows for a grandstand finish from the thwacks of the solid wood to bring the best qualities of the paddle to life for you to feel perfectly over your bum cheeks.

The Lair Wooden Horseshoe Paddle -13 inches was sent to me by Bondara in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own.
The paddle can be purchased from Bondara for £29.99 There is currently an offer to receive a free cock cage with selected bondage products; with the paddle being one of the included items.

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