#SoSS: 42

I do apologize that I haven’t found the time to keep up with a weekly #SoSS post. I am still reading other blogger’s posts here a few that I would like to highlight that I have read over the past week.

Beginning with Posy Churchgate and her erotic story called ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’ for #WickedWednesday which was inspired by a guybator that she won in one of my giveaways.

Next up is a review of the Pipedream PDX Elite Deluxe Mega Bator Review from Little Switch Bitch. Which is a mixed review of positives & negatives to this very honest review.

If you do regular read my blog & my #SoSS posts then you will know I enjoy reading Aurora Glory monthly round up and with October beginning this week. Here is September Favourites called Suckers, Sharing & Skin Art.

Here is my last#SoSS post: 41

2 thoughts on “#SoSS: 42

  1. Posy Churchgate says:

    Thanks Bondage God! Yep this was a great toy which may well inspire further adventures and stories. Great round up BG – even if your #SoSS isn’t done with regularity it is important.

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