Sinful Sunday 391: I Am

I must admit I only realised that it was prompt week yesterday. When hearing of the theme which was set as ‘I Am’ I thought about the many possibilities that could be created.I chose to go with the theme of a sex toy blogger & I used my two favourite masturbators in the image. Though I never originally planned to use a filter. I came across this filter & I liked the finishing style of the masturbators. So I decided to stick with this image.

Sinful Sunday 'I Am'

See who else is being Sinful this Sunday.

My last Sinful Sunday image can be viewed here.

17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 391: I Am

  1. Molly says:

    A really intruiging image for sure….

    I think something is wrong with the layout of your blog, your words are disappearing off the page rather than wrapping.


    1. bondagegod says:

      It does that occasionally with the words. I dont know why because my #SoSS post I wrote at the same time didn’t do that with the words. Glad you like the intrigue of the image.

  2. Posy Churchgate says:

    Cool image – a little bit menacing and ‘Darth Vader’ with the black high gloss the filter seems to convey. Well done.

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