TENGA Limited Edition Chinese New Year Onacup

I was fortunate enough to win two of the TENGA Limited Edition Onacup from the U.K store which was released to mark the Chinese new year which is the year of the dog.
The two individual one cups have there own unique designed wrapping with a choice of either gold or white wrapping.

Tenga Chinese new year

While the outside image is different the inner ribbed & nubs textures TPE self-lubricated sleeve is exactly identical. TENGA does state that the onacups are for a single use only. I do find that with the Tenga eggs usually, it is achievable to use them multiple times, I did wonder if this could be the case with these particular masturbators.

After removing the outer wrapping via the perforated strip the casing is pure white & has a removable cap that gives you access to the sleeve.

Tenga Chinese new year

I was looking forward to my first use of the onacup, this is my first experience of a self-lubed masturbator I must admit I was a little sceptical at how well it would work to provide the ideal amount of lube.

Tenga Chinese new year

Entry into the sleeve did feel suitably smooth and a tightness that I find ideal to feel when first penetrating a masturbator. As I slowly slipped my erect penis further down the sleeve I did begin to notice the lube and I were impressed at the amount as it certainly aided me in my thrusting rhythm and it did appear to be a suitable amount that I would have used myself.

I was impressed with the stimulation I felt from the beginning that my penis was being subjected to as I could immediately feel the strength of the textures. While the tightness felt divine particular as I enjoyed the slimline central section that helps to create a deep sucking blow job sensation. Which did allow for a build-up of sensitivity throughout my firm erection?

Tenga Chinese new year

An internal vacuum can be created by using the air hole which is positioned at the end of the onacup. After removing the sticker this works by covering the hole over with either your thumb or finger. While the internal vacuum does work well to create a strong suction throughout the sleeve. personally, I felt it didn’t improve my pleasure as the smoothness of the sleeve was lost which did result in the textures not feeling as stimulating as before.

As I switched back to using the onacup without the suction, I began enjoying the sleeve again and for a toy that is designed to be used only once it did feel as pleasurable as my regular masturbators.

Tenga Chinese new year

With each thrust, I could feel my climax building throughout my shaft as I enjoyed a level of sensitivity and a high level of stimulation that as I reached my climax I felt extremely excited throughout to enjoy an orgasm of pure pleasure.

After use, I did attempt to wash out the sleeve. While it is not as easy as an open-ended masturbator. It is still achievable as I filled the sleeve with water to rinse out any fluid contents from the onacup. Before cleaning throughout I used a combination of sex toy cleaner and warm water. I left the sleeve to dry overnight and checking the condition of the onacup it was still suitable to use again.

Tenga Chinese new year

Overall TENGA limited edition design of the original onacup to mark the beginning of the Chinese new year. Has created a fantastic appearance to this set of masturbators while the inner textures have allowed me to enjoy a delightful masturbation session. I did manage to get a two/three uses out of the one cups before needing to dispose of the toys.

If you are interested in purchasing this limited edition onacup then you can from the TENGA U.K store for a discounted price of £9.99.

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