Satisfyer Men Stroker Chambers Of Pleasure Interchangeable Sleeve

When deciding which Satisfyer Men sleeve to experience next that had been sent to me from Betty Toy Box. I opted for the Chambers of Pleasure sleeve as the ribbed textures looked inviting at the thought of them over the length of my shaft for the pleasure they might hold.
The Satisfyer Men Interchangeable sleeve does have identical outer and inner packing within the range. Here are details of both pieces of packaging.
Satisfyer men sleeve

The outer packaging for the sleeve matches the packaging of the masturbator itself with smart jet black sturdy box. That arrived hygienically sealed and has a smart appearance surrounding the sides with product image and description. The packaging is finished off in style with an image of Rocco Siffredi.

The inner packaging is a see-through moulded tray in which the sleeve is stored in. Before use, it is best to wash the sleeve as it does arrive with a coating of renewal powder applied. Which is vital to use as this preserves the life of the sleeve.

Satisfyer men sleeve

The sleeve itself has a lovely soft feel to the Cyberskin & body safe TPE. To secure the sleeve inside the masturbator the lockable attachment is easily achieved by removing it first from the outer casing. Working the sleeve into the attachment and simply locking back inside the masturbator.

Beginning play I do like to warm the sleeve up first in a bowl of hot water as it does allow for a higher state of stimulation as the sleeve does hold its temperature throughout a session to create a stronger stimulating feel alongside the inner textures. Before penetrating the sleeve I apply a little amount of water-based lube on the tip of my penis as this allows for an easy insertion.

Penetrating the Chambers of Pleasure sleeve is a masturbation dream as the feel of the ribbed textures is sexually stimulating from the beginning, as the textures immediately surround themselves around my erection for me to feel there is a firm protruding feel to the ridges.

Which does raise the level of stimulation as there is an ideal pleasing movement being created as I build up my thrusting rhythm. By this stage, I have only entered half of the sleeve. Before I choose to fully penetrate masturbator.
Satisfyer men sleeve

I do love how that with the satisfyer men there isn’t the need to create a fast thrusting rhythm to fully appreciate the feel of those stunning raised ribbed textures. By using a slow movement of the masturbator over the length of my erection gave me greater control to feel each individual texture to create a range of different pleasures from the extra sensitivity in particular to the head of my penis.

While the stimulating feel that presents itself with each thrust allows me to build myself up to reach a climax that is highly pleasurable for me to enjoy an orgasm from this stunning masturbator and yet another glorious sleeve that has been designed to accompany many pleasures that can be enjoyed from the Satisfyer Men. 

After removal of the sleeve from the casing the cleaning process is simply completed. By beginning with rinsing through with warm water as the open-ended design easily allows for any lube or body fluid to be removed. Before turning the sleeve inside out to apply a sex toy cleaner & wash all over.

The drying process is best completed overnight to let the sleeve fully dry, before applying the renewal powder all over that will help to maintain the life of the sleeve.

Overall the Chambers of Pleasure Sleeve is another sleeve that Satisfyer has designed to further enhance my level of enjoyment from this masturbator. As the texture has been made to the right amount of firmness while the protruding ribbed allows for a highly stimulating feel of a level of masturbation pleasure to be enjoyed several times over.

Satisfyer Men

The Satisfyer Men Stroker Chamber Of Pleasure Interchangeable Sleeve was sent to me by Betty Toy Box in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinions; which are my own.

The Satisfyer Sleeves can be purchased from Betty Toy Box for a current limited edition discounted price of $14.99.



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