Satisfyer Men Stroker Tornado Bliss Interchangeable Sleeve

2018 so far has been a fantastic year for penis toys that have been introduced this year. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy several different stimulating new products. One masturbator that has become one of my favourite toys is the Satisfyer Men. As well as enjoying the original features of the masturbator, one fact that has made this particular product stand out is the versatility it offers in the form of being able to experience a range of different textures as there a total of six individual sleeves that can be purchased separately.

Satisfyer Men

When Carolyn from Betty Toy Box got in contact with myself about testing some products. I choose to select the Satisfyer Interchangeable Sleeves and she kindly sent me three to review, which are Chambers of Pleasure, Kinky Waves, Tornado Bliss. Beginning with the latter as this one has always stood out to me since the launch of the Satisfyer Men range.

The outer packaging for the sleeve matches the packaging of the masturbator itself with smart jet black sturdy box. That arrived hygienically sealed and has a smart appearance surrounding the sides with product image and description. The packaging is finished off in style with an image of Rocco Siffredi.

Satisfyer men sleeve

The inner packaging is a see-through moulded tray in which the white soft Cyberskin & body safe TPE inner sleeve is stored in. Before use, it is best to wash the sleeve as it does arrive with a coating of renewal powder applied. Which is vital to use as this preserves the life of the sleeve.

To gain maximum pleasure from the Satisfyer Men I personally feel it is a good choice to submerge the sleeve in a bowl of hot water for around 15 minutes before your ready to begin the session. As the extra warmth allows for a realistic feel to the sleeve and does aid you in a smoothness the further you penetrate the masturbator. Apart from using a little amount of water-based lubeon the tip of my penis, there isn’t the need to use any extra lubrication.

Securing the sleeve inside the lockable attachment is achieved by removing it first from the outer casing. Slipping the sleeve into the attachment and simply locking back inside the masturbator.

Satisfyer men sleeve
Penetrating the tornado bliss sleeve does offer a fantastic first feel as I slip my erect penis through the tight central hole as I enjoy the two raised lips as they delightfully mould themselves around my penis. As there is an instant feel of the multiple soft tickers around the head of my penis that creates a sensitivity that continues to build up my stimulation as I further penetrate the sleeve but remain in the first half as I thoroughly enjoy the feel of the soft tickers to the top half of my penis especially combined with the warm sleeve, therefore creating a blissful level of arousal to the beginning of my solo fun.

As I continue to delve deeper the sleeve slimlines out to create a tighter fit around your penis there is a light textured feel to this half of the sleeve. I do love the sight of seeing my penis fully penetrated inside the masturbator as it is a delightful sight to view. The feel of the sleeve didn’t continue my arousal levels as I couldn’t particularly feel textures as I worked the masturbator over the length of my erection. I did revert back to my first positioning of the masturbator and used the tickers to create the same stimulating feelings that I had previously experienced as I aim to bring myself to climax. Reaching that point is a moment to savour as I use the soft tickers in a slow-motion movement to raise my sensitivity levels to reach a climax that I deeply enjoy and won’t be forgetting any too soon. As this particular climax brings me a loss of control throughout the length of my body as the Tornado Bliss sleeve allows me to enjoy a climax of epic proportions.


Once removed from the casing the cleaning of the sleeve is easily achieved as I begin by rinsing through with warm water as the open-ended design aids in washing out any lube or body fluid. Before turning the sleeve inside out and thoroughly washing by applying a sex toy cleaner. To dry I prefer to let the sleeve dry overnight before applying the renewal powder that will maintain the life of the TPE sleeve.

Overall the Satisfyer Men Stroker Tornado Bliss Interchangeable Sleeve has allowed my love for the masturbator to grow as the option of enjoying different textures has been highly pleasurable. I feel the main merits of this particular sleeve is if you prefer for the head of your penis to be stimulated rather than your whole shaft. As the soft tickers perform this action to perfection to bring about a high level of pleasure.


The Satisfyer Men Stroker Tornado Bliss Interchangeable Sleeve was sent to me by Betty Toy Box in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinions; which are my own.

The Satisfyer Sleeves can be purchased from Betty Toy Box for a current limited edition discounted price of $14.99.

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