#SoSS: 40

Another week and month has passed as we reached August this week, the c word ๐ŸŽ„ will be creeping up on us soon. The end of another week means itโ€™s time for this week’s #SoSS to highlight the posts, reviews and images that we have been viewing this week.

With reaching August this week I’m going to begin with Aurora Glory July’s favourites: Violet, Vibes & Voices where she has included sex toys, sinful sunday and sex in the city in this round up of the past month.

Tenga do make some amazing products and are one of favourite masturbators that I own. When I do see a tenga review go live I do enjoy reading them particularly with the eggs as they were my first sex toy. This week Down The Bunny Rabbit Hole posted her review of the Tenga twister egg.

One of my favourite sex toys of the year is the Atom cock rings from Hot Octopuss. When Little Switch Bitch posted her review of the Atom Plus I were keen to read her experience of using the ring.

In this week’s sinful sunday one of the images that did stand out to me were this dark & wonderfully presented kinky image by Floss #ProudToBeKinky

Last weeks #SoSS: 39 post can be viewed here.

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