National orgasm day

As National days go the 31st of July is a bad one and it’s one that I will be participating in whether it will be through having sex or having a masturbation session as I look set to enjoy National Orgasm Day.

I began thinking what kind of post could I write that wouldn’t appear to similar to Masturbation May post that included several of my favourite toys. So for this article I thought I would write about products that enhance my pleasure and enhance my feelings during climax.

The biggest aid in this is introducing a cock ring to my penis, in case you haven’t used one before cock rings has the ability to produce firmer and longer lasting erections as the blood flow is reduced. Therefore this can result in your climax being delayed as this can benefit you in producing a deep intense climax that can be felt by both partners during sex or enjoyed by yourself during a solo masturbation fun.

There is an impressive amount of cock rings available on the market to buy from silicone to steel ones that are different sizes from slimline to chunky ones. Added stimulation to a cock ring is the introduction of vibrations from either rechargeable or battery operated, rings. As the variation in designs allows for the vibrations can be felt by my wife as she enjoys the clitoral stimulation during sex. While for solo use there are rings that target the penis, testicles,or your prenium which is where I’m going to begin with the new dimension of cock rings from Hot Octopuss as the Atom Plus holds two integrated Vibrating bullets.

Here is a snippet of my review and a link to read the full post.

I did have a tinge of excitement about introducing the Atom Plus into our sex life to experience as a couple and it really didn’t disappoint as the ring does bring fourth many pleasures. During sex wearing the ring did match my solo session as I enjoyed the feelings of the vibrations throughout the length of my shaft that did feel firmer thanks to the tightness of the silicone around my penis. With each thrust as I penetrated my wife I could feel the pleasure building between both of us especially as my wife loved the strength of the constant vibrations directly on to her clit (that she felt matched her favourite clit toy) as we both felt there were a close connection between each other as we both climaxed we were revelling in the vibrations as we jointly enjoyed the feelings to our most intimate parts of our body for an orgasm that was simply pure pleasure.

I am also currently testing the Atom which will be live in the next few weeks on my blog this ring sent my erection firmer than I have ever felt during use with a ring, so keep an eye out for that particular review.

My favourite steel ring is the Fifty Shades Freed I Want You Now Steel Love Ring.There are many positives about this particular ring from the gorgeous rose gold colour while the heavy weight of the ring feels impressive in your hand even before slipping on to your penis. Here is my snippet of the review with a link included to read the full review.

The weighted cock ring had proved my excitement to be worthwhile. As it did provide myself with a satisfactory pulling effect that made me feel I were further well endowed. I knew then this cock ring was going to have a particular positive effect on our sex life.

During sex the cock ring has delivered a high amount of intense orgasms for both of us. As the heavy weighted feel does provide me with a desired firmness to my shaft that has provided extra stimulation and increase sensitivity with each thrust, therefore it does allow me to feel my climax building. That has resulted in a explosive orgasm for both of us. I do stay erect for longer with this ring on and the extra stimulation we’ve enjoyed during sex, means our sessions not only last longer but are of a high intensity nature that leaves us both feeling extremely satisfied.

Next I’m including some different but it’s still worn on your penis in the form of the Dominix Steel Glans Ring. Which has become one of the best and first cock toys that I purchased, here is my snippet of my review.

I love the feeling of slipping the ring on as I add a small amount of lube to the ring and place on while being semi-erect for an easier secure fit under the head of my penis. As my erection got harder I could feel the tightness of the ring around my shaft and my head was immediately looking bigger, which was my reason for buying the glans ring, since then it has become so much more and we have experienced some very intense sessions.

One product that I use with all my toys is the Paloqueth water based lube It has only been a few weeks since I’ve owned this particular brand of lube and already it is now my favourite lube to use with my penis toys. Here is a the snippet of my review so you can see why:

Beginning with applying the lube there is a lovely feel to the texture as I coat my penis with the required amount of lube. While using the lube with a masturbator it is ideally applied particularly to the inner textured sleeve as this is easily achieved as the thicker finish to the clear lube does only require a small amount during each use.

On penetrating the particular masturbator the first feel of the lube is very smooth and does create an instant impression that it will be a good lube to use, this did continue as I began working the masturbator in a thrusting rhythm.

I felt I needed to finish this article of with a masturbator, one in particular that I would happily reach for tonight to enjoy National Orgasm Day. Realistic masturbators are my favourite style of toys to reach for first, if I were choosing a non-realistic masturbators then theFleshlight Turbo Ignition Blue is one that I would easily pick as it knows how to deliver a climax of high intense pleasure.

Entry in to the sleeve works best for me, too slowly slip the head of my penis through the first two suspended holes, and I only position myself just inside the throat. When you get the right feel and rhythm the results are exceptional as it really shucks you in, that did mimic the oral sex feeling to perfection, this is the experience I was expecting as I were now living the blow Job dream with each thrust. That the option to go deep throat wasn’t required as there were enough stimulation in working the three insertion points over the head of my penis as I could feel my climax building until I lost control and enjoyed an orgasm of intense pleasure. I was shocked at the pure joy that I’ve have Just been witness to one of the best oral sex experiences of my life.

Thank you for reading my National orgasm day post I also have a giveaway running to mark the occasion. All the details on how to enter can be found here.

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