June Pleasure Panel Round – Up

In June Pleasure Panel i was selected to test and review two products which were Bondara Lair Leather Cut-Out Horseshoe Paddle – 14 Inch & the Svakom Hedy Reusable Egg Style Male Masturbator-Pink. I have supplied a snippet of each review which includes a link to read the full reviews on Cara Sutra Website.
image1 (1)
From the beginning of receiving this paddle I felt it had a certain edge about it and I couldn’t wait to experience this unusual shaped paddle and how the spanking session would develop for different reasons from how it would feel during impact to the marks it would leave over my body.

When the time had come to be subjected to the paddle there were at a lot of anticipation as I were waiting for the first feel of this firm leather paddle to come into contact with my bare skin over the length of my back and bum. It certainly didn’t disappoint at the point of impact felt very firm yet sharp as I felt a strong stinging sensation that had left its mark in more ways than one as my bum cheek had immediately became horseshoe shape marked and looked very red indeed. The further the session continued i were left feeling that I had been on the receiving end of a hard spanking, as I loved the appearance of my skin as it resembles the level of the spanking I have just be subjected to.

The full review can be read here.
The small size of these style of masturbators always amazes me in how it is possible for the appearance of the egg to look and measure so small as it is only only 3.7 inches in length and has a diameter of 1.6 inches. Yet it still manages to stretch to a suitable length of your erection.

After applying the sachet of lube to coat the inner sleeve and a light coating around the tip of my penis. I worked the egg down the length of my penis by slowly working the stretchable masturbator to a suitable position, I managed to reach over half the length of my erection being covered. I discovered though this did thin out the textures to the point where I couldn’t feel the textures with each movement of the egg. To enjoy the maximum feel of the textures I did raise the position of the egg and focused on stimulating the head of my penis as this did allow me to feel sensitive and excited as I could now feel the textures working to raise my stimulation levels up.

The full review can be read here


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