Paloqueth Water Based Lubricant (400ml)

Over the coming weeks I will be publishing reviews from Paloqueth who contacted me to test a range of their products in exchange for an honest review.


If like me you haven’t heard of Paloqueth before, then let me tell you some information about them. They launched in 2013 with the core idea that customers should enjoy sexual life with reservation. Paloqueth sell a range of products to suit all tastes and sexes as they do stock masturbators, wand massagers and their essential section is filled with all the extras you need from condoms to lubes. All of there products have been priced matched and your orders will be delivered in discreet packaging.

My first review is from their essential section and is the Paloqueth Water Based Lubricant (400ml)


There are key features that Paloqueth do state about their own brand of lubricant such as:

πŸŒ‘ Ideal to use with condoms & toys
πŸŒ‘ Smooth but not sticky
πŸŒ‘ Suitable for vaginal dryness
πŸŒ‘ No artificial Scent
πŸŒ‘ Long Lasting
πŸŒ‘ Easy to clean after use

The flip cap bottle arrived securely sealed as it was wrapped in plastic to prevent any leakage during transit. I have used this lubricant during my solo fun and have used it in particular with my fleshlights and flip zero masturbators.


Beginning with applying the lube there is a lovely feel to the texture as I coat my penis with the required amount of lube. While using the lube with a masturbator it is ideally applied particularly to the inner textured sleeve as this is easily achieved as the thicker finish to the clear lube does only require a small amount during each use.

On penetrating the particular masturbator the first feel of the lube is very smooth and does create an instant impression that it will be a good lube to use, this did continue as I began working the masturbator in a thrusting rhythm.

As my session continues I have noticed throughout several uses of the lube the slick natural feel that has been brought to my solo fun during each movement over my erection; as this allows me to relax and just enjoy myself without the need to have worry about having to keep on re-applying mid-play. The lube does last for the duration of my session and after I have reached climax my penis does feel particularly smooth as there is no sticky residue left on me or the toy and can be simply washed as standard as I normally do with my sex toys after a session

I do own different brands of lubes out of those brands I do have a few preferred brands especially to use with my favourite masturbators. The Paloqueth Water Based Lubricant (400ml) does fall in to this category as it is a slick and smooth lube that is ideal to use during my solo play as it creates a smooth movement during thrusting of the toy on my penis to allow me to enjoy maximum pleasure during masturbation. With the need to only use a small amount and the lube coming in a 400ml bottle this provides you with a long lasting lube that is very well priced at $15.69

Paloqueth Water Based Lubricant (400ml) were sent to me be Paloqueth in exchange for am honest review, this in no way affects my opinion; which are my own.


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