Pleasure Panel May Round-Up

In the May Pleasure Panel Round I received the BON4MPLUS chastity kit from Cara to test in exchange for an honest review.

Which is directly from BON4 and this product has two chastity devices included. I have provided two snippets of my review, I will leave a link at the end f the post for you to read the full review on Cara Sutra pleasure panel page.


There is a choice of two different cages in this set which are measured at internal sizes of 65 & 85 mm. The cages can be brought in two different formats either solid or hinged. It is the hinged version that I am reviewing here, there is a set of seven stainless steel back rings which begins at 40mm & raises up in multiples of 2mm right up to the largest ring which is 52mm.


Wearing either cage creates a fantastic appearance as the partially opened cage allows you to view your penis but is a great reminder that you are caged up and firmly in chastity. Especially if you begin to gain an erection it is firmly stopped in its tracks as my slightly erect penis becomes tightly pressed against the bars. With the biggest cage it is possible to gain an larger erection compared to the smaller one but ultimately I can’t reach a maximum erection, to give me a timely reminder that I’m under firm control of the keyholder.

The full review of the chastity devices can be read here.


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