Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples.

As a couple who own several sex toys such as masturbators, dildos, cock rings & vibrators that all feature in our sex life regularly. One product that has largely remained scarce in the bedroom is couples toys.

When Satisfyer sent us a parcel full of different products to review, one of those items were the Pro 4 Couples it did begin to generate a spark of intrigue to what it could bring to our sex life.img_3081

The packaging of Satisfyer products do create an immediate impression to the quality of the product as it arrived inside a hygienically sealed white box. That has images and product features of the toy surrounding sides of the packaging.

I do love the colour scheme that Satisfyer give to their products and this especially with the couples toy is no exception as it creates a relaxed non intimidating feel to the Pro 4 as the smooth white silicone and rose gold controls panel combine for a ideal first impression.


The Pro 4 is a L shaped toy that has two stimulating features, beginning with the oval shaped hole as this brings you hands free clitoral play from the revolutionary Air Pulse Technology. The vibrating arm brings both of you a world of pleasure as it is capable of bringing G-Spot pleasure that equally can be felt alongside your erect shaft to maximise the pleasure of both parties involved.


An impressive feature of the toy is how the suction and vibrations can be jointly worked together or individually. The power button switches on the suction while the wave button works the arm. In the central of the control panel is the ‘+’ & ‘-‘ to select the speed of vibrations you require. The clitoral feature holds a delightful 11 different speeds. The vibrating arm not only offers you the speeds it also treats you to 10 various stimulating patterns.


Also included with the product is a instruction booklet and a magnetic USB charging cable which connects to the duel metal points which are based on the toy itself. Satisfyer do recommend a charging the lithium battery before use a standard charge time takes approx 1.5 hours, to bring you 70 minutes of play time. A first charge could take up to 8 hours. The Pro 4 did arrive with a significant amount of charge already therefore this is why the first charge only took 60 minutes. A white LED flashing light does indicate charging is taken place, once complete the light stays fully lit.


Before we used the Pro 4 during sex I had read Little Switch Bitch and Petra Pan reviews of the same product, after learning of their issues with the Pro 4 during sex. I did alter the way we used the toy to try and avoid the same issues. after a few attempts of getting used to the Pro 4 as we did experience the same issues of the Pro 4 not staying in place.

To combat this we discovered it was best to enter with the switched on arm first and then my erect penis vaginally, as my wife brings the Pro 4 in to contact with her clit as she secures it there by holding the toy. I know this does reduce the option of being able to deeply penetrate my wife. To a certain degree this did take away the closeness of our bodies being in the missionary position with a slight adjustment of me positioning myself at a height above her body.

This did allow for my wife to enjoy the features of the Pro 4 especially the vibrating arm which did offer a surprise at the strength of power it held, yet the stimulation it brought were deeply pleasurable for both of us. As my wife were enjoying a good level of G-spot pleasure, while for me the vibrations were providing me with slight stimulation to the head of my penis that felt good as I were slowly thrusting, we both enjoyed this style of vibrations and feelings during penetration.


My wife loves the clitoral pleasure that arises from the new satisfyer range of toys, particularly as the Air Pulse technology is a wonderful feature and does bring her a strong level of clitoral play that she craves to feel during a session with her toys. Especially the rabbit and The Pro 4 mirrors this level of stimulation play.

After a while of enjoying the joint combination of vagina,clitoral and penis stimulation provided by the Pro 4 it was now time to take our pleasure levels to new heights. This did require a speed up in thrusting, my wife does still holds the toy in place but for short periods a deeper and faster thrusting rhythm was possible. The joint pleasure were certainly being raised especially for me as I could further feel the vibrations now throughout the length of my shaft. While my wife were enjoying the double penetration of the vibrating arm and my penis. As I continued speeding up my thrusting my wife we soon reached orgasm which further built up my feelings of stimulation as I soon reached climax and wife enjoyed her second orgasm as the Pro 4 brought a stunning finish to our session as the added vibrations brought a feeling for both of us to experience a complete loss of control throughout the lengths of our bodies.


I have also used the Pro 4 to indulge in some solo play as it has provides a high level of arousal before I introduce a masturbator to my session. It is the suction hole in particular that I enjoy as it position it on my frenulum that sends waves of pleasure throughout to send me from being flaccid to firmly erect within seconds and did provide me with an stunning amount of stimulation which were a favourable amount of arousal to begin my masturbation play.

Cleaning of the Pro 4 I apply a sex toy cleaner to the body and wash over with warm water. The silicone tip is removable to wash separately in the same manner. The tip and the inner hole also can also be cleaned through with a cotton bud to make sure all fluid is removed and dried throughout.

Overall the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples has brought mixed feelings towards our experience of introducing a couples you In to our sex life. On the positive side we have enjoyed a good level of joint stimulation from the vibrations. In particular I have enjoyed the feel of the vibrations even when it was just directed to the head of my penis. Which perhaps I wouldn’t have tried if the toy did stay in place during sex which is the only negative of the Pro 4, as a couple toy this should bring your bodies closer together, this issue doesn’t allow for our bodies to be as close as what we would prefer with a couples toy. While the Pro 4 may not be the perfect toy it has still allowed us to enjoy several joint orgsams and a feeling of losing control throughout our bodies.

The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples was sent to be Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own and can be purchased directly from Satisfyer for £62.95.


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