Masturbation May 2018: Favourite Masturbators.

May is now drawing to a close which means that Masturbation May is nearly over with. Though I’m sure come the 1st of June there’s a high chance I will still be using my masturbators.

I wanted to write a post to include some of my favourite masturbators that I own. I would say I own a different variety of toys to enjoy the pleasures that masturbating can bring.

I still find it amazing that just over three years ago I found the Tenga Heart egg overwhelming to use as this was my first experience of a Male sex toy.

Now I love using masturbator of different styles that can range from realistic ones to deeply textured and even vibrating ones that I have began to enjoy more recently.

Beginning with one of my favourite toys is the Riley Reid Fleshlights I own both of the Utopia(vagina) and Euphoria(bum). It is the Euphoria that is my preferred choice of the two.

Here is a snippet of my review to show you why;

Entry into the sleeve was incredible as the tightness of the hole felt instantly pleasurable; I’ve only got the head of my penis inserted so far, that I did spend some time building up my stimulation by enjoying the feel of my head penetrating Riley ass several times. As I began slowly to delve deeper my pleasure improved inch by inch as the textured ridges and nubs were arousing me that I could tell already the kind of orgasm I was going to reach. The full review can be viewed here.

The only Vibrating toy I am including in this post is the Pocket Pulse Remote which does bring a level of sensitivity to my penis as I have enjoyed several stimulating sessions with the Pulse.

To Begin play you can either be flaccid or erect, normally during masturbation sessions I always prefer to be fully erect till I begin play with a toy. The pocket pulse has changed my opinion on this as the vibrations can be deeply felt on my flaccid penis; within minutes it isn’t long before I can feel my erection growing inside the flexible arm, to leave me with an instant solidness to my shaft. That leaves me feeling the need to begin pleasuring myself with the toy. The full review can be read here.

The next two masturbators I have included are ones that I only acquired this year, thanks to there stunning textures they have already become two of my favourite toys to use.

Beginning with the Tenga Flip Zero Black.

I were soon discovering the Zero really knows how to perform as each individual texture does play there part in raising your stimulation levels. Features of the Zero that can increase your pleasure is the two silicone pressure pads as they can be used to create a internal vacuum as the air is released a tighter feel can be experienced during play. The pads also offer a focused stimulating feel this is a particular favourite of mine as I enjoy how it allows you to have a selected texture firmly pressed into your penis to enjoy a greater level of stimulation during thrusting. The full review can be read here.

The next masturbator is Satisfyer first steps into the world of penis sex toys with the release of the Satisfyer Men.

With each individual inch my erect as I slowly delve deeper into the classic sleeve it feels like I’m exploring a chamber full of treasures as each ribbed textures takes a hold of my penis, my sensitively is increasing until I’m fully inserted inside the sleeve. Which is achieved in one smooth motion as the sleeve takes a firm grip of my penis to let myself sink in with pure pleasurable ease. The full review can be read here.

Realistic masturbators are my favourite type as they are exciting during some solo play and have a naughty edge during couple play. My love of realistic masturbators began with Lovehoney Thrust range, as I own several toys from the collection. I added my largest masturbator that I own in the form of the THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina & Ass Mega Masturbator.

On to the Holy Grail of the toy Alana’s Vagina, does give a mouth-watering a appearance, one that you can dream about playing with as it does look incredibly real as the clitoral hood and those sweet tight pink lips are just begging to be kissed, licked, and fingered before you lube yourself up and enter a gentle amount of lube inside the perfectly angled Alana ribbed canal for a masturbation session of your life. Then of course there is her lovely tight ass waiting as well to be entered as you can choose which canal you choose to enjoy, or mix it up and enjoy the best of both worlds. The full review can be read here.

Thank you for reading my Masturbation Month post. There are several different masturbators that could have made this list. If you like to view my other masturbator reviews then I would appreciate if you do take your time to view my other reviews.

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