Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

The rabbit a classic item in the history of sex toys bringing pleasure through the vibrating shaft and clitoral arm. Satisfyer has Revolutionized the rabbit for 2018 with the Air Pulse Technology feature. This newly designed rabbit did provide a first for us. More of those reasons later in the review.

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit arrived inside a lovely white cardboard box which creates a well presented packaging box. There are images of the rabbit alongside product features surrounding the sides of the box which is security sealed on arrival.

The contents alongside the rabbit is a magnetic USB charging cable and a instruction booklet.

The rabbit itself is made from a pure smooth white silicone is gorgeous to hold and is 9 inches in length. The main feature of the rabbit is the unique clitoral arm which holds a revolutionary Air Pulse Technology to offer a high amount of clitoral stimulation. The end of the arm has a flat finish to the oval shaped silicone head which is ideally shaped for providing a suitable level of contact to your clit.

The shaft of the rabbit has a flexible feel to the slim curved shape with its pointed tip to offer a suitable level of G-Spot stimulation. The rabbit has a 5 inch insertable shaft which at its widest is 4 1/2 inches in circumference. The rabbit is lightweight to hold and is impressive to view as the white silicone creates an angelic looking sex toy that appears innocent yet exciting at the pleasure it holds.

The controls are positioned on the lower half of the body, an impressive feature of the rabbit is how the controls can be worked individually for the two motors. You do have a choice of controlling the shaft with the 10 different patterns. While the clitoral arm offers you the 11 speeds to enjoy. Once both are switched on you can enjoy the patterns and speeds together.

The control panel has a Rose Gold trim with a wave image on this is for cycling through the patterns. In the centre of the trim there are two waves symbols which the speeds will increase/decrease.

Holding the selected buttons for two seconds will switch the rabbit on/off, a white light will also appear to indicate the toy is switched on.

Positioned on the back of the rabbit is the Satisfyer logo and two metal points which the magnetic charging cable strongly attaches to during a charge. Satisfyer do recommend a charging the lithium battery before use a standard charge time takes approx 3 hours, with a first charge could take up to 8 hours.

The rabbit did arrive with a good amount of charge already in it and the original charging time only took 90 minutes.A white flashing light does indicate charging is taken place, once complete the light changes to a solid light.

Beginning play with the rabbit I applied a water based lube to the shaft of the rabbit and to my wife’s clit, Beginning play I slowly inserted the shaft smoothly into my wife, as I first switched the toy into life I began with a light stimulation on the first constant setting to build up her stimulation levels, before I bring the arm in to contact with her clit I introduced the speeds into the session and in that instant the level of play went up an inch or two. Just like our experience with the Pro Traveller there was only the need to lightly have the arm touching my wife’s clit.

As she were soon finding out what the Air Pulse Technology was all about as there is a instant high satisfying amount of pleasure. It wasn’t long before the strength level were raised as this not only allowed for a stronger clitoral play it also provided deeper internal stimulation.

What happened next truly surprised me but ultimately did result in a intense erotic moment. When we use sex toys my wife loves me being in control of her pleasure, this is something we both enjoy this has resulted in several squirting experiences for her over the years.

This time my wife took control of the rabbit right from my hands as she were enjoying this first experience of a new styled rabbit in particular the clitoral pleasure it was already bringing. Keeping the arm in contact with her clit she began moving the shaft in a circular motion as the rabbit was set on her preferred constant setting with the speeds set at the higher end scale as she does desire of high power vibrations particularly during clitoral play.

With each movement of the rabbit my wife could feel an ideal G-Spot massage were occurring as she were enjoying the shape and strengths arriving from the shaft. There is a strong strength that arises from the clitoral arm throughout the several patterns this is where she is receiving maximum pleasure, as she were now enjoying a new level of clitoral pleasure, witnessing my wife pleasing herself I could tell the style of pleasure she was receiving and I knew the level of orgasm she was soon going to be reaching.

In that moment it happened the first that I mentioned earlier as my wife brought herself to a squirting experience by herself. I find it sexy when I get her to squirt there were something quite erotic about this and she were loving the pleasure running throughout her body as she experienced several multiple orgasms that left her feeling sensitive and extremely fulfilled at making herself reach that level of orgasm.

Aquatic fun is also possible thanks to the rabbit being fully waterproof. This also aids you in the cleaning of the rabbit. To begin with I remove the silicone tip and hand wash with sex toy cleaner and warm water, I apply the same washing process to the body itself. To dry The body itself I spray over with sex toy cleaner and throughly wash over with warm water. Drying the silicone afterwards is simply done by towel drying over.

Satisfyer has won a Design award for the Pro G-Spot rabbit and after experiencing the toy first hand I can say it is no surprise at all. The rabbit has provided my wife with several high intensity orgasms every use of the rabbit has brought replica sessions of deep G-Spot massage and strong clitoral stimulation. The rabbit is a welcome member to the satisfyer family and we can highly recommend this product to become a  vital part of any sex toy collection.

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit was sent to be Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own and can be purchased directly from Satisfyer for £62.95.

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