#SoSS: 29

It has been a month since I last did a #SoSS post I made sure this weeks I made some spare time to write this post and highlight other bloggers work. I have a varied mixed of posts that includes reviews, giveaways and an image from Sinful Sunday.

The Tenga Flip Zero Black is a masturbator I have been enjoying recently. When The Big Gay Review posted a review of the same product, I was interested in reading it to see how his experience of the black Zero. His review is informative and gives a good comparison between the black and white Flip Zero, even Micheal Jackson gets a mention.

If you like having a relaxing massage then Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole review of the Karma Sutra Tropical Plumeria Pleasure Candle is a review worth reading.

A stand out image from Sinful Sunday this week was a image called ‘introducing’ by Teachers Have Sex. Personally I don’t feel the image needs any words. So I will leave the link here to view the image.

Little Switch Bitch Blog has recently turned 2, so to mark the landmark she is running a giveaway which includes winning some fantastic prizes such as vouchers and sex toys from various companies. If you would like the opportunity to win a prize you can view the post here with all the information required to enter.

Another giveaway that is currently running is Joanne’s Reviews as she has hit the 4000 followers on twitter. Where there is the opportunity to win different sex toys also from various companies. The giveaway post can be viewed here with all the information required to enter.

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