Commemorative Royal Wedding Love & Finger Ring

The Royal Wedding will take place on the 19th May between Prince Harry and Meghan. As well as the magic and romance that a royal wedding brings, there is also the memorabilia that can purchased ready for the big day such as commemorative cups, tea towels & sex toys! Yes you heard me right sex toys which are exclusive to lovehoney & this limited edition set of two Commemorative Royal Wedding Rings.The two Royal Wedding products which have been realised are the Vibrating Love Ring & a Markle Sparkle Vibrating Finger Ring. I was surprised after hearing of their release but ultimately I was looking forward to see if they would be suitable to gain a royal approval.Both products arrived inside a well decorated cardboard sleeve with a drawing of the happy couple and the Union Jack flag, effective packaging to securely hold the rings which are instantly viewable in the centre of the sleeve.

The two rings are made of a flexible smooth silicone as both have suitable amount of stretch to them to aid you during use. The rings are Gold and Silver respectfully as these are fitting colours for the royal sex toys.The Gold love ring is an ideal crown for the king, while the silver sparkle ring is a lovely engagement ring for any princess.

The love ring has a circumference of 1.25” and has one single speed bullet that will bring a stimulating feel directly through the textured nub as this offers either clitoral or testicles stimulation. The bullet arrived supplied with two button batteries so instant play on offer. If the batteries needed to be replaced the bullet pulls apart and easily connects back together.

The Silver Ring has a perfect shaped jewel as this offers a realistic appearance to the ring, the vibrations from the single speed push button bullet can be felt through the magic jewel to offer clitoral stimulation. With this bullet this batteries cannot be changed unlike the bullet in the love ring. Both bullets do fit each ring; there is the option to use the gold bullet if required. There is a small circumference to the ring of a 0.6” which is a little finger size. The stretch of the silicone will allow the ring to fit around larger fingers or other sex toys like vibrators, dildos.

Putting the ring on to my erect penis I easily stretched the ring and positioned it at the end of my shaft. The textured nub can be placed for either stimulating my wife clit or against my testicles. This is where we preferred the nub to be placed. As clitorally it didn’t provide my wife with the constant play she desires. As I was thrusting contact kept being broken between the nub and my wife clit, the feeling of constant vibrations throughout my testicles did bring me a good level satisfaction as the vibrations were of a good strength from the small bullet, as the ring also provided an extra firmness to my shaft as the blood flow were reduced as I felt and looked firmer throughout the session, when I reached climax it did add to the heightened pleasure that I felt experienced during orgasm.We did use the Vibrating Finger Ring in several different methods as it did provide different levels of stimulation both of us with a highly pleasurable amount of joint fore-play.

Beginning with wearing the ring as it has been designed to be worn as it can be placed on any finger as the stretch of the silicone makes this possible. She pressed the jewel against her clit to feel a suitable amount of clitoral pleasure, as she were instantly impressed with the strength of the vibrations from the bullet.

I wore the ring directly underneath the head of my penis. I instantly felt the power of the bullet as it did pleasure my frenulum, as well as my wife clit as I positioned the jewel directly on to her clit to provide a high level of arousal as we both loved the feeling of duel stimulation that we were being treated to. The ring also contributed to the size of my penis as it fitted tightly around my shaft it enlarged the head of my penis. Using the two rings together and experiencing two different vibrating bullets certainly was pure pleasure for me to enjoy.

A manner in which she really enjoyed using the ring is to put the ring on her Motörhead vibrator as this allows her to enjoy joint pleasures vaginally and clitorally as the feel of the two sets of vibrations sends her pleasure into a stunning squirting session which left her feeling satisfied and enjoyed using the ring alongside over toys for a wonderful session.

To clean the two rings after use is a simple task. First I remove both bullets as they are but waterproof and clean over with wet wipes. While the rings themselves I give them a spray with sex toy cleaner and wash over with warm water, simply towel dry and store away until there next use.Overall the two Royal Wedding Rings are a great set of items that can bring a fun element to your couple play while they still hold all the attributes to stimulate your both during play, as the vibrations offer a range of different pleasures. The love ring does bring a good level of firmness to your shaft that is noticeable during sex.

Lovehoney has created a collection that does bring a fun element to the bedroom and these two royal rings is a light-hearted way of introducing toys into the bedroom without being too overwhelming for couples or single people alike.The Royal Wedding Vibrating Love Ring & a Markle Sparkle Vibrating Finger Ring were sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own.

The two rings can by purchased for a sale price of £9.99 each. Currently they are on offer off buy one get one free.

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