Satisfyer Men Neutral Lubricant.

Alongside the launch of the Satisfyer Men Masturbator a series of 3 different lubricants (Warming, Cool & Neutral)have been released with each individual lube offer there own sensation to further enhance your pleasure with the masturbator.I was sent the Satisfyer Men Neutral lube to test by the kind people at Satisfyer as the lube is ideally suited to use with the masturbator.

The 300ml Black coloured bottle looks smart on arrival combined with a branded label which has an smoky image of a woman positioned on the front. The practical side of the bottle is product information printed on the back of the label, while the lid has a press cap to allow you to easily apply the selected amount of lube you require by simply squeezing the bottle. Before use there is a silver foil that needs to be removed from the bottle itself.

Satisfyer states that the water based neutral lubricant is oil and grease free, there is a smooth light feel, which is long lasting and has an ideal natural pleasure feel. As well as using with the masturbator the lube can also be used during sex with or without a condom.I have enjoyed using the neutral lube during masturbation as there I a smooth texture to the clear lube is easy to apply to my penis and to the inner sleeve of the satisfyer men through the press cap. While during use it certainly did play its part in bringing about a delightful smooth feel that I experienced with each movement over my erection. I did enjoy the feel of the lube and didn’t have to worry about the need to re-apply during a session.

After play had finished there was a lovely feel to my skin as Satisfyer had stated that the lube was oil and grease free, any lube that did need washing away from either myself or the masturbator did simply wash away easily.

Overall the Satisfyer Men Neutral Lubricant is suitable to use for an ideal smooth feel during masturbation to help you enjoy your solo session to maximum effect.

The lubricant is excellent value for money at a sale price of £11.95 for 300ml which will provide you with many uses to become a long lasting lube. Which can be purchased directly from Satisfyer.

The Satisfyer Men Neutral Lubricant was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own.

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