Satisfyer Pro Traveller

Satisfyer Pro Traveler is the first of a number of a range of Satisfyer reviews that will be posted on my blog over the coming weeks.

The Pro Traveler is a new clitoral product from Satisfyer that is intended for when traveling as it petite size is ideal for naughty breaks away, or in the luxury of your own bed.The traveller arrived inside a security sealed pink and white colour scheme cardboard box. Surrounding the sides of the box is a product image and features to complete the lovely design to the packaging.First thoughts I would have to say I was very impressed with the deep purple magnetic casing with its smart gold trim finish. As this perfectly stores the Pro Traveller inside, while the traveller itself is made from silicone and has a delightful finished colour of pure white.Located on the front is the suction tip and controls in the form of ‘+’ ‘-‘ symbols positioned on the lower half of the body. The reverse of the toy is made of ABS has the satisfyer logo embed into the back. While there is two magnetic charging points to connect the USB cable (supplied) as the traveller has a lithium battery and is fully rechargeable. An instruction booklet is also including as part of the contents. There is a suitable amount of charge in the traveller to offer instant play. Satisfyer do recommend to complete a charge before use. This took 3 hours until fully charged. White flashing light indicates charging taking place while to say the process is complete. Beginning play a small amount of lube applied on to my wife clit was a sufficient amount. Switching the traveller on is achievable holding down the ‘+’ for two seconds and will begin on the lowest setting. For switching off the same action is required. Bringing the traveller in to contact with her clit as I switched the toy into life to find that the suction tip were best positioned so it only lightly touched her clit to achieve a good level of direct contact without firmly pressing the tip in.

Holding the toy upside down gave access to the ‘+’ control function, while this was ok as we only raised the level of vibrations, if there were the need to reduce speed then contact with her clit would have to be disrupted. Though this wasn’t an issue as we only increased the vibration strengths. It does allow for the controls to be ok to use just slightly awkward.

During use my wife found it ideal to begin on level 3 of the 11 available speeds which can offer you a light or higher strength stimulation. As we delved further into the session an increase in power was built up over time as this did allow for her arousal levels to build up.Though there were a level of pleasure  from the traveller, my wife did begin to feel that there wasn’t a significant amount of power arising from the vibrations for her to reach her desired level of stimulation, to allow her to reach the amount of pleasure needed for an orgasm. We did feel the traveller did mirror her use of the penguin. One fact we did notice of the traveller that is the reasonable amount of quietness from the vibrations and therefore this does offer discreet play during use.Shower play is also on offer from the Traveller as it is also fully waterproof to enjoy some aquatic fun. This also aids you in cleaning of the product as you can fully wash over with a sex toy cleaner and warm water. The suction tip is also removable to allow a through wash over, it does simply push back in afterwards.

Overall The Pro Traveller is a petite vibrator that is easy to use with its two buttons controls. While storing is easily achievable thanks to its lovely discreet storage case.

While the Pro Traveler may not have suited my wife to reach the level of clitoral stimulation she craves. We feel it is best suitable to use as a start-up toy in your session or an ideal beginners clitoral toy if you venturing into the world of sex toys.

The Pro Traveller was sent to me by Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinions; which are my own.

The Pro Traveller can be purchased from Satisfyer for £44.95

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