Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

Having experienced the pleasures of Pulse Plate technology from Hot Octopuss with the Pulse III. When I heard of the realise of the Queen Bee I were intrigued at the prospect of my wife enjoying the pleasures that I know the Pulse Plate can bring.

Queen Bee

I like to tell you about Crimson Princess who are a U.K based company that sells a wide range of sex toys,bondage and lingerie products, from several different brands. They have recently began to stock Hot Octopuss products. Once ordered delivery times are within 48 hours. Your parcel will arrive in a fully discreet plain brown packaging.

Crimson princess
I do admire the packaging Hot Octopuss provide with there products as they are ideally sized to store the contents. While the reflective blue style coloured design, combined with images and key features of the Queen Bee, provides a smartly presented beginning to the product, especially with the classy image of Union Jack positioned on the side of the box.

Queen Bee

As well as the Queen Bee the contents include a USB charging cable, an instruction booklet and a branded black drawstring storage bag. Queen Bee
The Queen Bee does look the part with its smart grey coloured finish, especially once combined with the silver strip that runs centrally around the edge for an impressive appearance. Unlike the Pulse range of the toys which are made from silicone the Queen Bee has a TPE finish to the body. Which did take a little while to adapt to the feel of the TPE compared to the smooth silicone I am used to from Hot Octopuss.

The shape of the Queen is very similar to a hair brush and is 9 inches in length. The Hot Octopus logo and crown are positioned on the handle and pulse plate respectfully. While on the back of body the head has a diamond textured feel to the design. While the controls and charging point panel area are positioned on the handle itself.

The 4 point control panel consists of a power button, an ‘+’ ‘-‘ to increase/decrease the vibration strength and one button to filter through the 6 variations of patterns that range from constant to several pulsating patterns. They are easy to use if I’m in control of them, but they are awkward with being on the reverse to work the controls for my wife without removing from her clit mid-session.

Queen Bee
The Queen Bee is fully charged on arrival. When a charge is required, the charging point has a magnetic connection which the USB charging cable firmly attaches during the charging process. Which turns red during the 4 hour charging period. Once fully charged the light will switch to green to give you an hours play.

Queen Bee
Switching the toy into life we were both shocked by the strength of the power that arrived from the one motor situated beneath the oscillating pulse Plate. While my wife does prefer pin point clitoral stimulation, she were excited at the prospect of the sexual adventures coming her way. The vibrations can be felt from either side of the body, at a lower strength on the back of the body to provide more of a gentle massage feel.
Holding hold the Queen Bee it felt a comfortable weight to hold. As I set about handing her first experience of a Hot Octopuss product. We did find during play there wasn’t the need to use lube. As the feel of the oscillating plate felt naturally perfect as it came in contact with her clit to leave her feeling instantly stimulated as she got used to a different style of clitoral pleasures as she generally enjoys pin point clitoral play. The oscillating plate were ticking all the right boxes as her clit were feeling very sensitive and we had only worked up to a medium speed level at this point. Where she could feel her pleasure levels building to a heightened level of satisfaction. While the strength of vibrations are highly pleasurable the noise that arises from the toy is the loudest toy we have owned. Noise isn’t an issue for us in needed discreet toys but the level of noise were off putting that we switched to another clitoral toy. img_2029
What happened next with the Queen Bee did result in a deeply intense squirting experience as I inserted the Queen Bee vaginally as the vibrations sent pleasure waves throughout as the vibrating strength were raised and the noise were not so noticeable as it were rested still inside my wife.After inserting the toy it is safe to say it wasn’t long till my wife reached orgasm as she continued to enjoy the power of the toy as she did cum several times that resulted in her squirting experience.
Cleaning of the Queen Bee is aided by her being fully waterproof as this allows me to throughly clean both sides of the head with sex toy cleaner and wash over with warm water. I do only wipe the handle with a wet wipe to protect the controls panel. Not Octopus Queen Bee
Overall while the Queen Bee is designed for clitoral play my wife does prefer to use it vaginally, purely on the base of the loudness of the toy as it is off putting during play. If you didn’t mind the noise then the oscillating pulse plate does offer a highly stimulating clitoral pleasure.
I have used the Queen Bee on my penis and the feel of the pulse plate in particular on my frenulum does match the same feelings that I receive from the Pulse III. It wouldn’t make me reach climax but it does leave me feeling stimulating as part of some fore-play fun.
The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee were sent to me by Crimson Princess in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion, which are my own.
The Queen Bee can be purchased for a sale price of £119. Queen Bee

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