#SoSS: 22

It has been a few weeks since my last #SoSS post. I wanted to get back to do one this weeks. There might be some posts from over the past few weeks that I have read and wanted to include.

I’m sure you all know that eroticon 2018 happened this month and while I didn’t attend I kept up with it all through other bloggers via twitter.

Here is Aurora Glory post on 9 things she brought back with her from the event.

I do enjoy Tenga’s products and the Smart Vibe Ring is a product I’ve yet to experience so I was keen to have a read of downthebunnyrabbithole review of the ring.

Little Switch Bitch review of the Zado Leather Flogger immediately appealed to me and I soon had a read of the review. Not only does the leather smell delicious it also performs well in the bedroom.

flossdoeslife.com written a good post this week on cuckolding. Whether this is something your into or not. I can recommend taking a read of this post as it is well written and explains the meaning of cuckolding in a interesting and informative manner.

I’m currently reviewing the Atom Plus for Hot Octopuss and I was excited when I seen the first two reviews go live this week of the Atom and Atom Plus by Candy Snatch Reviews and Joanne’s Reviews.

Petra Pan has been writing reviews for a while now but this week she launched her new website which can be viewed at PetraPanReviews.com

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