Snake Glans Ring

When I was taking a look through Oxy Shop collection I came across this unique snake glans ring which I fell in love with. As it’s a different style of glans ring and is available in three different sizes (26, 28,30 mm) so it can be worn daily as well as during sex. The ring itself arrived in a dark blue velvet drawstring storage bag.The steel twin snake heads have been designed with fine detail as the scaled finish represents the snake’s skin. There is a splash of colour added to the ring in the form of six gems. The 4 tiny blue gems are used for the eyes, while the larger red ones are positioned on the top of the snakes head. Despite all the fine details there is smoothness to the feel of the snakes without any rough parts. These are joined together by a c shaped silver bar, which is thinner than the size of the snakes which does create a ridge between the two.To place the ring on my penis it is easily done as I slid it down the head of my penis without the need to use lube, the 1.02 inches/26mm fitted perfectly so it could be worn all day with the risk of it slipping off. As the ring feels generally tight it does raise the size of my penis head when either flaccid or erect. While the finished position of the snakes further bring my love for this unique designed ring, as both of the heads sit either side of my frenulum to look like all three join up together to create an artistic image.

The ring can be worn for several hours at a time when flaccid. There is a comfortable and pleasure factor in wearing the ring, as it is a joy to wear and feels good to wear some body jewellery on my penis. Previously the other glans rings I own have only been suitable to wear when erect during sex. This allows for daily activities can be completed during wear, this adds an extra excitement to the day knowing what I am wearing around my penis.When wearing the ring during sex it does enlarge the size of my penis head as the blood flow is reduced that is noticeable for both of us. Wearing a glans also reduces climax to allow for a longer lasting session I could feel benefits of the ring. Unfortunately I did have to remove the ring during sex as it did become uncomfortable for my wife as the ridge between the snake and the silver bar was catching her during thrusting.

The Snake Glans Ring wasn’t suitable to wear during sex as much as I was looking forward to. It hasn’t affected my love for this ring as it is ideal to wear as regular body jewellery. Which I love the feel of the ring around my penis, the sight is a unique appearance as the snakes look stunning especially as they form into a point up to my frenulum.

The Snake Glans Ring was sent to me by Oxy Shop in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinions, which are my own. The ring can currently be purchased for a sale price of $17.90

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