#SoSS: 19

This weeks #SoSS post I have an array of reviews and images that are worth going to take a look at.

The first review is a brand new product on the market in the form

of Kiziti Sex Stool from Cara Sutra who has provided a well written review with several key elements of the stool highlighted to learn about the features of this new product.

I know MEO do sell a high range of fantastic restraints and this week I found out about another set they sell by Joanne’s Reviews as she published her review of these Black And White Leather Bondage Wrist Cuffs.

Kinky Kitten Kim published her review of the Fleshlight Quickshot : Vantage I was intrigued to go find out how the toy performed as this is one Fleshlight product I have yet to experience.

Two images I thought should be highlighted this is weeks is Littleswitchbitch and Aurora Glory entry in to this weeks monthly prompt theme which was set at rule of thirds for Sinful Sunday as both images a worth a viewing.

Littleswitchbitch – Shared Vulnerability

Aurora Glory – In The Rocks

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