Kali’s Teeth Device

When I was offered the opportunity to review a chastity device by Oxy Shop I had the choice to either select a cock cage or a kali’s teeth device? I opted for the latter as this is a different style of chastity device to my other cock cages. The only experience I have of spiked rings is a glans ring this particular device is considerable larger.

The Kali’s Teeth – 2 Rows Golden Teeth is the device I selected as I felt this was an ideal first choice to use, rather than a 4 rows teeth device.

The device arrived inside a dark blue drawstring storage bag. The contents are a toothed cock ring which has a total of 18 flat pointed screws. One gold padlock to secure the device shut with two keys provided. There is one screwdriver which allows you to set the length of the screws, to the selected position to suit the girth of your penis.

The size dimensions of the hinged cock ring is 3 ½” when fully opened, once closed up the inner size of the ring is 1½“

There is a versatilely to the device as it has the option of being worn in three different places on your penis each one offering a different style of product. It can be worn around the scrotum of the testicles to be used as a ball stretcher. The device can also be worn as a spiked cock ring when positioned at the base of your penis and testicles. I haven’t worn the device in this way, as I want to use it as a chastity device that I wear it centrally over the length of my shaft.

Locking my penis into the device is easily achievable by either myself or by my wife. As I position my flaccid penis in one half of the open ring and simply close up the strong hinged ring and attach the padlock through the locking hole. Where there is a slight weighted feel to the device, nothing that makes it feel uncomfortable to wear and it is achievable to keep it on for a number of hours. Once locked in the screws hold the chastity device in place as they are pressed against my shaft as they protrude the metal by 1/2 cm. There is still room inside the device to still gain an erection but achieving a full erection is firmly stopped by the screws. Which I have experienced during wear as my wife has teased me in a manner that would normally result in myself reaching a full erection. The feeling that is brought to my shaft as my erection grows is one of a firm pressing in feeling as the screws do dig themselves into my skin that stays until my erection is brought under control.

There isn’t a pain involved in the experience of the screws digging in, it is more of a strangely pleasant feel as there is the sense that my penis is firmly under control. After I have removed the device there isn’t any marks left from the teeth at all. It can still be felt that you have had the device around your shaft; this feeling doesn’t last long and soon wears off.

Overall the Kali’s Teeth – 2 Rows Golden Teeth is a different alternative to wear to be locked in chastity to my cock cages. It is a device that still lets me know who is firmly in control as the pressing in of the screws into my shaft certainly stops me achieving a full erection.

I’m glad I have experienced this style of chastity device. It is one that I can fully recommend. This can also be used as a ball stretcher or a cock ring, as this adds extra appeal to the product. Kali’s teeth device can currently be purchased for a discount price of €40.90.

The Kali’s Teeth – 2 Rows Golden Teeth was sent to me by Oxy Shop in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion which are my own.

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