Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Leather Ankle Cuffs.

The final chapter is here in the fifty shades trilogy of lovehoney limited range of bondage products. There have been some exquisite items in each of the previous ranges. The Cherished Collection has taken the items to a new level of luxurious products. The 10 items in the range has been given a gorgeous colour scheme of purple and rose gold. Each individual item arrives inside a luxury fifty shades branded storage bag. 

 I already own the Wrist Cuffs from the collection, when the opportunity arose to review further products from the range I opted to complete my restraints set by choosing the Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Leather Ankle Cuffs. As the option of using the cuffs together did excite me at the prospect of being restrained by both sets of cuffs.Fifty shades freed Ankle Cuffs.The velvet purple storage bag cannot be underestimated at the luxury feel it brings to the product. As the gold coloured fifty shades freed logo looks smart and stylish. While the smooth ribbon that ties the bag securely closed is done up in a perfect bow.

The Ankle Cuffs and link chain are fully protected on arrival as they are all individually wrapped in white tissue paper. Each piece of metal work is also wrapped in paper to safeguard the rose gold colour of the d-rings and buckles. First impressions of the restraints did have me feeling rather impressed for a number of different reasons. The leather has been made with a strong feel to the finish, yet with still the flexibility to securely fit around your ankles. The smell and appearance of the cuffs is simply divine as there is a lovely scent to Leather, the purple coloured leathercombined with the rose gold metal work perfectly to complement each other for a gorgeous set of restraints.

 Fixed on the outer edge of the leather is an 8 Hole fastening strap which is securely fixed by a series of metal press studs. The fifty shades freed logo is printed in to the strap. The inner lining of the cuffs is a thick padding, as this allows for a comfortable fitting during long term restraints play.The size of the Ankle Cuffs are 17.75″ in length while the circumference offer a suitable range in sizes that range from 8-12.5″ to suit most people ankle sizes. This was ideal for me so I could go as small as the 2nd hole and the cuffs create a tight fitting around my ankles.The double ended chains are attached using the two easily fixed clips that you simply attach to the D-rings to secure you into the restraints for the duration of your bondage session.We both have been restrained in to the cuffs in different scenarios. The cuffs are easy to fasten up and both of us have felt that are luxurious to wear while feeling strongly restrained in the cuffs. The strength of the cuffs makes them fully durable to be worn in different manners and for various amounts of time.

 I began using the cuffs on my wife I must admit the leather looks sexy but also adds to the atmosphere of the session as she is firmly secured around her ankles. That escaping is virtually impossible from the cuffs. If you require one then a safe word can always be used if you felt the session need to stop.

 The session did begin with the cuffs securing my wife ankles that kept her in a suitable position as I performed some foreplay fun that built up her pleasure. Before sex did commence this is where owning both sets of cuffs comes into play as I can attach the Ankle and Wrist Cuffs together to create a different kind of restraint but one that brings a kinky element to sex. As this result in us obtaining a sex position that lets us enjoys some deep penetration sex as we both loved the intensity of the session that resulted in magnificent orgasms for both of us equally.Fifty shades freed Ankle Cuffs.During bondage sessions is where the luxury of the cuffs is truly highlighted. As the d-rings allow for the cuffs to be connected to other bondage products such as a hogtie or a spreader bar.

When I was restrained into the cuffs it did feel like the holy grail of restraints as the two cuffs were connected together with the chain. I immediately felt highly restrained that a bondage session which I desire to participate in would be an completely ideal to time to happen. As I were subjected to a spanking session that felt further impressive because of the feel of the cuffs around my skin and the secureway that escaping was impossible.Overall the Cherished Collection Leather Ankle Cuffs are a set of cuffs that are a well-made strong set of restraints. As this luxury collection of bondage products has the look and feel to be admired, they are stunning set of cuffs to be restrained in that fulfilled my bondage desires. Especially with owing both sets of cuffs added to the feel of the session.Fifty shades freed Ankle Cuffs.The Cherished Collection Leather Ankle Cuffs were sent to me to test in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion; which are my own.

If you would like to purchase the cuffs then you can from lovehoney for £119.99

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