iroha Zen

The newest addition to the iroha collection of unique sex toys is the iroha Zen which  comes in a collection of three delightful colours. Each of the Zen toys have their own individual names Matcha (Green), Hanacha (Pink) and Yuzucha (Orange) this is the colour I will be reviewing all the functions are identical throughout the different colours.

The packaging has to be admired as the bright orange coloured hexagon shaped box immediately caught my attention, if I were in a shop I would have been drawn to the Zen. The appearance of the product and relevant key features creates an informative yet effective piece of packaging. The Zen itself arrived securely held within two moulded trays positioned either end of the toy. One set of two AAA batteries arrive with the vibrator, which will bring you up to 4 hours of play. There is a gorgeously soft feel to the silicone body which has a lovely shaped design as there is raised twirled pattern over the length of the body.

“Iroha has stayed the design shape was inspired by the chasen, a bamboo whisk used in the preparation of matcha, a type of powdered green tea”

The length of vibrator is 5 inches, with the width and depth is set at 1.3 inches. The base of the toy is a black screw cap that gives you access to the battery compartment.The iroha logo is imprinted on the cap; the beautiful flower push button is positioned on the end to put you in control of the four vibrating modes. As you have the choice of three different speeds of either low/medium/high or there is a pulsating pattern.

The Zen is best suited to clitoral play as vaginally it does offer a gentle stimulation during use but not enough to reach orgasm. My wife was looking forward to indulging in some clitoral pleasure from the Zen. Especially as clitoral play Is a big part of my wife sexual pleasure.To begin play she did give the silicone a light coating of water based lube, as she switched the toy into life and experimenting  with all of the speeds/patterns her preferred choice were the constant speeds starting with the medium as the low speed isn’t strong enough for her. Using the raised swirls to maximum effect is done as she was working the Zen in a good circular motion over her clit. This was bringing the first gentle feelings of stimulation as the swirls and vibrations combined were arousing her pleasure.

As the session continued the speed were raised to the highest level which did feel satisfactory to use to continue as her were arousal levels were building up, ultimately she felt the need to switch to a higher strength vibrator that allowed her to reach the next level of pleasure. As she felt the Zen were more suited as an ideal start up to toy to begin your session with.The toy itself is water proof to enjoy some aquatic adventures and also to aid you in cleaning of the product. It is recommended not to use the toy in depths of over 50cm or submerging the toy when cleaning, as this may affect the water proof seal.  To clean I simply give the silicone a spray over with sex toy cleaner and rinse over, once completed I towel dry and store away until its next use.

Overall the iroha Zen is aesthetically pleasing as the bright orange soft silicone is a joy to view as well to touch. During use of the toy it has brought a gentle level of pleasure, especially from the raised swirls as the do feel stimulating over her clit. Overall the Zen will be suited to either a beginner in owing a clitoral toy, or if you wanted a smaller strength vibrator to use as a start-up toy in your session the iroha Zen is an ideal sex toy.

The iroha Zen was sent to me by Tenga in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinions which are my own.

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