#SoSS : 14

Another week has passed and it’s time for this weeks #SoSS post which is to support bloggers and highlight there posts in the light of social media trying to block adult related content from bloggers.

Finally February is upon us after what seemed an extra long January. This also means the start of #febPhotoFest 2018 while it may only be 3 days old here is littleswitchbitch post for her first few images.

Kinky kitten Kim was excited about the arrival of the Doxy Number 3. Did it live up to her expectations? Find out here.

I do have a good collection of glass toys and do always keep an eye out for new glass toys that could be a great addition to our glass collection. Coolerthanaglassdidlo reviewed the Icicles no5 Sprial Glass Dildo this week.

One of my favourite toys at the moment is the Pocket Pulse and I enjoyed reading Joanne Reviews of the Pulse this week. I have got to say I love the tweet quote to accompany the review.

As February is here it is time for Aurora Glory round up of the past month. Go take a look of her January Favourites which includes Lelo, smut and super mario.

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