Fleshlight Shower Mount

The prospect of enjoying some hands free play with my Fleshlight toys is what drawn me to this particular accessory as the Fleshlight shower mount will offer a different style of pleasure to my masturbation sessions.

The shower mount arrived from crimsonprincess.co.uk who is a new U.K based company that have only recently started trading. They do sell a varied range of sex toys, bondage products and lingerie.

The service I received was impressive as the parcel was dispatched and received within 48 hours and was fully discreet inside plain brown packaging.

The shower mount arrived inside a small Fleshlight branded box, which is an ideal size for storing between uses, displayed over the box is product images and full step by step guide for using the mount on the reverse.

The shower mount is made from black plastic and has a relatively simple design. There is a clear strong suction pad that sticks to any smooth dry surface, which is securely held in by switching the lever to the on position.The Fleshlight itself is attached to the mount by removing the end cap and screwingtightly into the shower mount. There is an adjustable hinge which allows you to adjust the height and angle of the masturbator to personally suit you during penetrating and thrusting of the Fleshlight.There mount is only compatible with standard flesh cases except clear. An adapter is supplied so the flight range can also become fully compatible with the mount.

What did appeal to me with the shower mount is I generally use my Fleshlights during couple play and this offered me another way for my wife to watch me penetrate realistic masturbators.I have used the mount in the shower and also on a wall mirror as this did allow for me to watch myself alongside my wife who is watching in the background. Once fixed in the position the mount and the Fleshlight stays securely attached and doesn’t come loose during use. Experiencing hands free play with my realistic fleshlight adds an exciting edge to the session. As the act of being able to penetrate and thrust myself into the masturbator, is another delightful way to maximise the pleasure that I receive during play from the selected Fleshlight as the sessions last longer till I work myself up to reaching climax. There is a slightly naughty but exciting sensation during a session as it does feel like I’m having sex doggy style with the Fleshlight as this does create a realistic edge to play.If there were a criticism I could level at the mount, not from a manufacturers point of view more from a personal one once the Fleshlight is fully tightened into the mount it creates the suction control that is possible with the cap that you experience during normal hand held use. This does create a fair bit of noise generally but during use with the mount the sound is considerably louder that can be slight off putting.

Overall the shower mount is a worthwhile accessory from fleshlight. I do feel it didn’t entirely live up to my expectations. But nevertheless it is an alternative way to enjoy your fleshlight and it is an ideal product to enjoy some hands free masturbation fun.

The Fleshlight Shower Mount was sent to me by Crimson Princess in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are my own. The mount can currently be purchased with 20% off in the January sales for only £15.99.

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