Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Blue

The moment when a sex toy you have been lusting after for months is finally yours and the anticipation to experience the toy in reality is exciting at the expected pleasure, as you hope that it does live up to your expectations.

One of those toys for me is the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Blue which I purchased from Forbidden Pleasures after winning a voucher to spend their thanks to Scandarella Halloween Giveaway.

This is the first time I have dealt with Forbidden Pleasures which sells a range of sex toys, lingerie, essentials and bondage products. I feel I needed to mention the excellent service I received in terms of communication dispatch and delivery times in which my fully discreet parcel were delivered within 48 hours.

The packaging does deliver a statement of intent, as the smart black appearance creates a feel of a quality product inside; the sight of the Fleshlight through the open window certainly wets the appetite, especially with the description and images of the inner textured sleeve.

With a promise of The Ultimate Blow Job, I were soon making my way through the two sealed security tags. As I made my way excitedly to the Fleshlight.

First sight of the Fleshlight there is an instant impression as the combination of the clear outer casing and the cool blue inner sleeve. This does create an impressive appearance as the clear casing feels exciting as the prospect of enjoying visual stimulation alongside the blow Job pleasure that is on offer.

The Fleshlight has two twist caps. The bottom cap is air tight to control the strength of the suction you require during play. The larger front cap gives you access to the unique three insertion points.

The first points which are both positioned away from the main sleeve are to replicate the lips and then the tongue, as you slip through to the main sleeve the third insertion point represents the throat. A different but unique design to this particular Fleshlight and one that certainly wets the appetite

Once inside there is a series of textures over the impressive 9 inch length of the Fleshlight as length gives you the possibility of sinking yourself fully in to enjoy some deep throat action, the deeper you go the slimmer the sleeve gets for you to enjoy a tight feel around your shaft.Entry in to the sleeve works best for me, too slowly slip the head of my penis through the first two suspended holes, and I only position myself just inside the throat. When you get the right feel and rhythm the results are exceptional as it really shucks you in, that did mimic the oral sex feeling to perfection, this is the experience I was expecting as I were now living the blow Job dream with each thrust. That the option to go deep throat wasn’t required as there were enough stimulation in working the three insertion points over the head of my penis as I could feel my climax building until I lost control and enjoyed an orgasm of intense pleasure. I was shocked at the pure joy that I’ve have Just been witness to one of the best oral sex experiences of my life.The deep throat experience is a another range of pleasures the fleshlight has to offer, as the sight of seeing your erect shaft deep down inside the sleeve does trigger an excitement as you get to watch yourself. The combination of the textures and the tightness of the sleeve especially the further you penetrate the sleeve raises the stimulation levels. The feeling of the textures on my shaft as I do enjoy them in two different methods; by either twisting the sleeve around several times in a full circle motion, or either enjoying the thrusting motion throughout the length of my shaft,The suction control feature of the fleshlight does create a delightful tight sucking effect to the sleeve that alongside the textures a deep masturbation session were soon beginning to take place. The toy isn’t quiet by any means as there is a loud sucking effect created by the suction control. I do have the cap fully tightened up to enjoy the maximum pleasure from the masturbator. As it is worth dealing with the noise purely on the extra pleasure it creates during a session. As I firmly held the casing and built up my pleasure by enjoying long slow thrusts, combined with the tight feel of the inner textured sleeve soon brought me to climax that felt a delightful deep throat experience and watching myself cum and fill the sleeve is an extra turn on in itself.After play Cleaning of the Fleshlight is a relatively simple task. Especially with the inner sleeve is fully removable. To allow you to rinse through with warm water to remove any lube or body fluid from the sleeve. I then give a good spray with sex toy cleaner and thoroughly wash over. For drying of the sleeve I leave it to dry naturally overnight. There is after care required with Fleshlight sleeves, as they do require a coating of renewal powder to keep the sleeve in top condition and it will preserve the life of your toy.Overall my expectations of the Fleshlight Turbo Ingnition Blue before purchasing were not only matched but also exceeded as I have enjoyed a range of highly stimulating orgasms from enjoying working the three insertion points over the head of my penis or some delightful deep throat action. Fleshlight has to be applauded for creating this masturbator that resulted in me receiving the perfect blow job experience.The Fleshlight Turbo Ingnition Blue is available to purchase from Forbidden Pleasures and is currently in the January sale for £41.99.

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