Rocks Off Joycicles bullets (Shimmer & Sparkle)

The Rocks off Joycicles range of 3 bullets each have their own individual names which are Shimmer, Sparkle and Spangle.


Thanks to Miss Jezebella & Sensual Delights Christmas giveaway I won both Shimmer and Sparkle. This is my first experience of a Rocks off product I was looking forward to seeing how their products perform.The Joycicles themselves arrived in a well-designed black cardboard packaging, with an open window to view the toy. While the reverse highlights the product features of the bullets.The bullets are made from a solid ABS plastic and are fully waterproof for some aquatic pleasure if you wish to. There is a petite size to the bullet at it is only has a 4.6″ length with an insertable length of 3.5 inches. The battery compartment is positioned underneath the screw cap which takes one AA battery (supplied) so instant play is  possible.The cap is where the raised silicone push button is positioned which is ideally positioned to use during play. This allows you to cycle through the various 7 patterns and 3 speeds.My wife did feel there we’re a cute look to the appearance of the bullet as it did assemble the look of a unicorn horn which has a raised spiral design to the length of the body that works its way down to the pointed tip.The snowflake and heart patterns do create a wintertime theme to the style of the bullet.Beginning play with applying a gentle amount of water based lube. As we cycled through the different patterns to find the constant setting on the highest speed were the preferred choice.

The strength of the vibrations did surprise us as for a petite bullet they are of a high intensity, which perfectly suited my wife especially as the tip provides pin point stimulation, to leave her feeling deeply sensitive as her pleasure rises as she enjoys the constant feel of the bullet against her clit as she is receiving the stimulation she craves from clitoral play as she builds her way up to climax.By combining the bullet with penetration as the second Joycicle was experienced that did further stimulate my wife as she enjoyed the vibrations internally, as the duo combined to create an ideal fore-play set of toys before switching to a larger dildo. Where by now my wife would switch to her powerful favourite vibrator, such was the pleasure of this bullet, this wasn’t required and she did reach an pleasurable orgasm that left her feeling satisfied throughout before we moved on to sex with each other.Cleaning of the bullet is aided by the bullet being fully waterproof as I give it a spray over with a sex toy cleaner and wash over with warm water. Simply towel dry and store away until its next use.Overall the Joycicles bullets are a quality product that will suit beginners as well as experienced users in sex toys. There is a delightful festive appearance to the bullets thanks to the bright shiny colours given to the range. While it is easy to use with a range of pleasurable speeds and patterns that are ideal to enjoy during clitoral play for an enjoyable fore-play session with either Shimmer or Sparkle.The Joycicles are not available to purchase on the Rocks Off website but I have found the bullets available to purchase at Lovehoney (Sparkle) and Bondara (Shimmer)

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