#SOSS: 10

My first #SOSS post of 2018 and I have got some posts here that are well worth taking a look at.This masturbator did surprise me I honestly didn’t expect this design or how well it actually worked. This is submissives.com review of the Swoon Kink Cashmere Masturbation Sleeve. With 2017 coming to an end there has been several end of the year posts and one that caught my eye was Aurora Glory 2017 – Stats, Resolutions & Highlights blog post.

EmmelinePeaches.com article on her Sex Toy Hopes For 2018 which was a very good read and is worth taking a look at.

Tenga masturbators are generally impressive toys to use and usually offer a good level of pleasure during a session. Find out what Littleswitchbitch thought of the Tenga Flex – Black And White.

I have read several reviews on the Queen Bee and there is a good mix of feelings towards the product. A new review went live this week and find out what kinkykittenkim.com thought of the Queen Bee

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