End of the year review 2017

Here we are New Years Eve 2017, another year over with and time to reflect on the past year and look forward to your hopes and dreams that you would like to happen in 2018.

Back to the past year if someone had said to me a year ago that I would be writing an end of the year review for my own blog. I never would have believed them. I was just happy writing reviews for lovehoney that I had been doing for the past two years.Very early in 2017 it was suggested to me about starting my own blog. I did some research and looked at other blogs that were out. I decided to start my blog and not really know how it would go just take each day as it comes to learn all the required things and I started adding a few reviews. It is a learning curve and it did take a several months to learn a lot about having your own blog.

I would like to thank all the companies that I have worked with this year and I do apperatie those who took their chance with me and sent me products to test and review. Of all the products I have tested this year here are my top 5.Earlier in the year I was given the opportunity to test the Pulse III Duo by betty toy box, this was my first experience of an Hot Octopuss product and I do love the feel of the oscillating plate directly on to my frenulum did leave me stimulated. Not only did I enjoy the Pulse III during solo play it is also a wonderful couple’s toy that can also pleasure both of us.

Another first experience for me this year was a VR interactive masturbator in the form of the Sense Max Sense Tube. Two products that can also be combined during use with the sense tube are the Sense Max VR headset and Smart Watch. The VR videos are not on the app anymore as they have been replaced by real-life porn videos. This one of my favourites products and I do love the how the products can be used all together. The Sense Max products did arrive from lovehoney for me to test and review.Moving on to the bondage side of products I have experienced this year, one of my favourite spanking tools that I own is the House Of Eros Square Pattern Shoe Pattern which were sent to me by Wilder Sides the spanking that I receive is incredibly firm and I has left me with a very red bum and I have been left with an imprint of the shoe shaped paddle on my bare skin that is a delight to view.When Meo sent me the chastity cage NoPacha Ergo 1900 to test and review it is a luxury chastity kit that is ideal for long term that has been made from quality steel and does firmly keep me restricted inside the cage to stop me from achieving an erection.

While cock rings are not a new product for me to use during sex my experience of the Fifty Shades Freed I want you now steel love ring was something new as the weighted feel of the ring was amazing as it creates a pulling effect and a firmness to my shaft that resulted in extra sensitivity and stunning orgasms. The rose gold colour scheme that has been given to the range is beautiful as there is a well presented appearance to the love ring. The Fifty Shades Freed Range is available to purchase from Lovehoney.

I also became a member of Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel and my favourite item I received to test from Cara is the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator which I did rate as a perfect 10/10, the review can be read here.

As well as writing reviews I also discovered Molly Sinful Sunday and here are my three favourite images I have uploaded.

319: Bettie Page Bull Whip

322: Collar and Leash

344: Better Than Imagined

I also had the opportunity to do a weekly round-up on week 345 which can be viewed here.


When Kinkly did their top 100 sex blogging Superheroes back in October, I did get a position in the top 10 sex blogs by/for men in 2017 where I finished in 8th place.On bondagegod.com in 2018 there will be reviews coming soon of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Pocket and the Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Leather Wrist Cuffs.

My Blog is turning One on January 18th there will be a giveaway taking place to mark the occasion, which the prizes has been supplied by MEO. Keep an eye out for the post where the prizes will be revealed.

Happy New Year to you all have a great new and fabulous 2018.

To all of my followers, and also if you have read my blog this year than thank you very much I do appreciate you taking the time to read my posts.

See you all in 2018

5 thoughts on “End of the year review 2017

  1. Posy Churchgate says:

    You’re doing well Bondage God, definitely going from strength to strength. I was delighted you could help me out with an ‘interview’ on my blog. Happy 2018!

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