LHM Zip Front Microfibre Boxer Shorts.

If you follow my blog then I’m sure you may have noticed that LHM are my favourite brand of male boxers. There have been some great additions to the range this year particularly the wet look lace and mesh designs.

Before 2017 is out lovehoney has added one more new pair, which I feel is the best pair this year as they are sexy, kinky and they create a stunning appearance during wear.

I am talking about the LHM Zip Front Microfibre Boxer Shorts.The boxers do look deliciously sexy as the silky smooth Microfibre ideally hugs your body to create a tight but comfortable view to the shorts in particular as they highlight your bum cheeks.

The front of the shorts certainly has a wow factor, as the front tailored pouch leaves you looking well supportive and very impressive once combined with the central silver zip that add a slight kinky style to the boxer shorts design.

This offers an exciting way for your lover to enjoy the treats that lay beneath the Microfibre boxers. The finishing touch to any pair of LHM boxers is the logo tag that is positioned on the elasticated waistband.There is a delight in wearing the boxers for daily wear as not only do you feel good in them, there are also very comfortable to wear. This is further helped by an inner fabric panel strip that creates a barrier to protect the zip and preventing any painful trapped moments for yourself.

The boxer shorts are a treat for both partners in the bedroom as they do allow you to feel sexy and desirable modelling this pair. As the metal zip creates a kinky style, that also brings a teasing element to the shorts are they are waiting to be un-zipped.They zip does come un-done easily and is securely attached, as this allowed my wife to easily find her way inside without the risk of breaking the zip in a moment of passion. As the fun can commence while I still remain in the boxer shorts as oral sex and foreplay fun can be enjoyed, as I can still be pleasured while still looking sexy as the shorts can stay on.

The S/M fits me perfectly with being a size 30 waist this does provide me with a secure fitting as the elasticated waistband is an ideal comfortable fit especially for wearing all day. The LHM range does come in three different waist sizes which vary from small and right up to XXL.         Overall the LHM Zip Front Microfibre Boxer Shorts is lovehoney men at it very best. These shorts are a testament to the continued quality design from the range.

As these particular shorts are sexy, comfortable, the smooth Microfibre material is attractive to wear, while the kinky twist from the metal zip, is teasingly tempting as your lover has the pleasure of being able to undo the zip, for a fun night of sexual adventures, lay in wait behind the zip.

I’m looking forward to what new designs will be added in 2018. If you do like this pair they can be purchased from lovehoney for £12.99.            The LHM Zip Front Microfibre Boxer Shorts were sent to me by lovehoney in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.

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