Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

Fleshlight are responsible for creating several realistic masturbators that allows you to feel that you’re as close to having sex as possible during a session with a Fleshlight.

To allow you to maximise your pleasure Fleshlight has an accessories section which has different types of products that can be used in conjunction with your there products.One product that I own is the Sleeve Warmer that provides heat to the inner sleeve to further improve the realism from your Fleshlight toy.

The warmer arrived from Katie’s Naughty Toys who are new an online company based in the U.K. Which sales over 6000 products, with a wide range available of sex toys, bondage gear and sexy lingerie available to purchase.

The service I received from Katie was impressive as communication of my order and dispatch times I was kept informed off. The parcel arrived quickly and securely within 48 hours, in a plain brown cardboard box for full desecration as the contents of the parcel were kept securely hidden inside.

Fleshlight has created a very professional look to the finished appearance of the packaging. There is a well presented image of the warmer positioned on the front of the cardboard box, while the reverse has details of the product.The sleeve warmer itself is a smooth black ABS rod which is nine inches tall and has a rounded tip. The three point weighted base provides the support for the rod. The built in black lead has USB fitting that allows you to plug it in to your laptop or the supplied EU plug. An adapter is required to plug into a U.K socket or if you have a spare iPhone plug this will also be suitable. (I did find warming did take double the time with the iPhone plug) An instruction booklet is also included as part of the contents. As this provides a step by step guide and all the information you require.The warming times provided by Fleshlight are not entirely accurate, as there are different times stated as the packaging says 5 minutes while the instructions booklet quotes 6-9 minutes. Where in reality it takes about 15 minutes before heating is completed.  While it is only a minor gripe as it doesn’t affect the performance of the product, just prefer for the correct information to be available before purchasing.

I used the warmer with my favourite Fleshlight at the moment which is a Riley Reid one. Once warming the green Fleshlight logo lights up on the stand until the sleeve has reached the maximum temperature.Where there is a safety switch off point this lets you know that the masturbator is warmed up and ready to go. If left to cool down the warmer will begin to warm the sleeve again till the temperature is at its highest again.

Warming a fleshlight sleeve in warm water before play further raises the realism of the masturbator. I did have high expectations of further realism being felt with telling warmth to the shaft as the heating rod is meant to reach temperatures of 40 Celsius.

As I entered the inner sleeve the warmth that I felt around my shaft was pure delight as it provides further stimulation to the Fleshlight experience. The strength of warmth I felt on entry does lessen the longer the session continue, but there is a warmth that stays for you to still feel around your shaft till you reach orgasm.

For cleaning the rod over I use a wet wipe to keep it clean and dust free. It is important to remember the rod is only water-resistant not waterproof.

Overall did the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer provide the extra realism I was looking forward to enjoy from a fully heated Fleshlight?

The answer is yes; as there were further realism felt that did raise the orgasm that I experienced.

It does take longer to warm the sleeve up than just using warm water. It is definitely worth the extra time to enjoy a full length warm Fleshlight shaft.

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer was sent to me by Katie’s Naughty Toys in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.

The warmer full price selling price is £38.99. Currently it is available to purchase for £26.40.

All associated fleshlight products currently are on offer with 20% off.

As a reader of my blog I have an exclusive extra 10% discount for you on all sale items. To take advantage of this all you need to do is enter bondage god at the checkout.

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