#SOSS : 6

A another week has flown by and during the week I’m sure many chocolates have been enjoyed as the countdown to Christmas is taking place. This is where I start this weeks #SOSS post.With advent calendars just ones that are a lot more fun as I have kept up to date with @ellascandal and @candysreviews as they both have been reviewing different calendars for @orionScandarella has been reviewing the Erotic Advent Calendar the blog post is being kept updated daily as new door is opened.Candysnatchreviews has reviewed the Fetish Advent Calendar. She is using her twitter page to keep us updated about the calendar items from each door daily.When I seen Joanne’s Reviews post of The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Ignition Copper I immediately wanted to go have a read as I own this model of Fleshlight just in the blue. It was interesting to read someone else opinion of the same toy that I ownThis is a post that I do enjoy reading and always keep an eye out for it that is Aurora Glory Monthly Favourites. Here is latest post from November.There are a lot of giveaways currently running from several bloggers all with the chance to win some stunning prizes. A new giveaway that went live this weeks thanks to carasutra.com is to win a Doxy Number Three. Check out here how to the enter to give yourself the bet possible way.

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