So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit

When learning of the features of the new So Divine range of toys that had all the hallmarks of an impressive sex toy that did lead to feelings of anticipation at the pleasure that could be on offer from the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit.I do like the design that So Divine give to their product packaging. As there is a bright friendly appearance to the sturdy cardboard box, in the form of a lovely purple and white shaded colour scheme. The image of the rabbit looks delightful positioned in the centre of the removable lid.

Alongside the 8 inches rabbit which arrived inside a moulded foam block, there is a dark purple velvet drawstring storage bag. A magnetic USB charging cable, I do like how a plug is included instead of just the cable which seems to be standard with the majority of rechargeable toys.The rabbit appearance is beauty itself as the soft silky smooth silicone body feels divine to touch, while sexually the bright purple 4.5 inches g-spot contoured shaft and the 2 inch clitoral arm offers duel combination stimulation. As you indulge in the 3 speeds/7 pulsating patterns directly from the duel motors. The features that lead to so much anticipation is the unique warming function of the rabbit, as the head warms up to 37-38degrees to add a realistic feel. This does add a new dimension to the Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit experience.The white base holds the controls and the magnetic points to charge to rabbit. There are 5 individual buttons to control the rabbit which are all positioned around the centre standby button. The top button is a power and for switching patterns, the lower button is to activate the heat function (the rabbit needs to be in standby mode to begin the warming process) the left and right buttons are to control the strength of the vibrations. (+) (-)The rabbit does require charging on arrival. The magnetic points do provide a strong connection and it takes 4 hours to charge for 120 minutes play.Beginning play I give the body safe silicone a light coating of water based lube. Insertion in to my wife was a nice easy glide as she enjoyed the feel of the 4.5″ girth shaft. As I started the vibrations after experiencing several different patterns the constant setting became her chosen one. The strength of the vibrations were impressed her as she enjoyed the power from both points of the rabbit. While the power were slightly less in the clitoral arm, this didn’t detract from the pleasure she were receiving.As she experienced a light thrusting of the rabbit she felt the bulbous head did begin to stimulate her g-spot, while simultaneously the clitoral arm was in the perfect position to enjoy the level of clitoral play she carves from her toys. As I moved up a gear and increased the level of speeds, I could see that she was building her way up to reach orgasm as the rabbit we’re exciting her in all the right places to excite her as she enjoyed multiple orgasms and a satisfying squirting finale to the session that was on offer from the Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit.The heated element of the rabbit takes around 10 minutes to warm up, this does create a pleasant feel to the already smooth shaft and though stimulation wasn’t raised with the heated shaft it still added to the experience of the session. It does add a new element to our varied range of sex toys as we haven’t experienced a heating function on sex toys before. Well done to So Divine for creating a new style of toy.While I wouldn’t say the rabbit was a particularly loud toy, if you were are in the need for some discreet play then some background music or using the rabbit under your duvet, this would be more than significant to disguise to sound of the vibrations.Cleaning of the rabbit is an easy task especially with it being fully waterproof. I give the silicone a spray over with sex toy cleaner and wash thoroughly with warm water to leave the silicone as clean and smooth as it was on arrival. Simply towel dry and store away until it’s next use.

Overall the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit is a well-designed sex toy that has brought many pleasures during play as the rabbit offers duel g-spot and clitoral play to high level of stimulation that has resulted in several orgasms. While the heated feature is a wonderful design that has been created by So Divine and does add to the experience of the rabbit.So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit can be purchased for £64.99. The rabbit was sent to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.

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