Lovehoney Unwrap Me Men’s Boxer Shorts

The twelfth month is now upon us and that only means one thing that Christmas is only around the corner. If you’re looking for a pair of sexy boxers to slip into your lovers stocking this festive period, then the Lovehoney Unwrap Me Men’s Boxer Shorts could be the pair you’re looking for.

The festive boxers have a delightful contrast of winter colours which is set between the red elasticised waistband and the smooth black nylon finish of the boxer shorts.  The feature of the shorts is the supportive front pouch that has been ideally designed to emphasise your package. While the red satin bow does create a wrapped present apperance, which will provide your lover with a sexy surprise treat that you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. While the reverse of the shorts do curve around your bum cheeks for a suitable tight fit that will leave you looking very desirable.

My wife did enjoy the appearance of the bow as it does look like a well wrapped present waiting to be enjoyed. To un-wrap the ribbon all that it takes is one simple pull of the ribbon that does leave you fully revealed through the daring front opening. This does allow for the fun to begin as full oral sex can commence, the fun doesn’t finish there in the boxer shorts as lovemaking did follow as the shorts can stay on during a fun filled passionate Christmas.

As well as wearing the boxer shorts for the bedroom, then can be ideal for all day wear as they feel comfortable to wear, while I also feel well supported in the pouch whether I am erect or flaccid. When the ribbon is tied up the front opening doesn’t close up completely, just to bear this in mind if you were wearing the shorts for all day wear.

The sizing of the boxers are an S/M (30-36 waist) this was an ideal fit to suit my 30 inch waist. There is enough stretch in the waistband to cover the 30-36 sizing of the underwear.

The shorts have been made to the high standard I usually receive from my other LHM underwear. The build and sewing match this level of quality especially as the bow is firmly attached to the pouch as this allows the bows to be pulled strongly opened if you wish in the middle of a passionate encounter.

Overall the Unwrap Me Men’s Boxer Shorts are a pair of sexy underwear, which will bring a naughty side to the festive period this year. The boxer shorts are an ideal stocking filler for your lover to enjoy there naughty but nice treat this Christmas.

Lovehoney Unwrap Me Men’s Boxer Shorts can be purchased for £12.99. The Boxer Shorts was sent to me by lovehoney in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinion, which are my own.

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