Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt

The Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt isn’t my first Fleshlight it does represent a new style of masturbator. As I have never considered owing a toy to enjoy anal play I was intrigued to how it would feel during masturbation.I do enjoy the packaging design of the Fleshlight girl’s products. As the box looks smart but sexy with several delightful images of Riley while her personal statistics are also included. The Fleshlight itself is presented behind a clear front window just waiting for you to enjoy. The box does arrive with two security sealed stickers.The Fleshlight itself has a sophisticated pearlescent outer casing, which has two removable caps a larger one to gain entry to Riley bum, while the smaller cap is for choosing the level of the suction control you wish for. The Fleshlight Girl’s logo is proudly positioned on the side of the casing.The inner body sleeve has a lovely finished soft feel, which is phthalate free to make it completely body safe. The sleeve has been cast from her body to create an exact replica of Riley’s ass; the appearance of her bum is extremely realistic and highly erotic at the excitement of penetrating Riley perfectly moulded ass.The inner textured wall has an internal length of 9 Succulent inches which are lined with ridges and nubs to offer stimulation during a session.

Before play I do like to warm up the temperature responsive sleeve with hot water, as it does bring an extended pleasure during play. As there is smoothness to the sleeve to further add to the realism of the masturbator. After applying some water based lube to the inner sleeve and my shaft. I was ready to experience the feel of entering Riley moulded ass. I must admit there were feelings of naughtiness involved as I edged closer to penetrating Riley’s ass.Entry into the sleeve was incredible as the tightness of the hole felt instantly pleasurable; I’ve only got the head of my penis inserted so far, that I did spend some time building up my stimulation by enjoying the feel of my head penetrating Riley ass several times. As I began slowly to delve deeper my pleasure improved inch by inch as the textured ridges and nubs were arousing me that I could tell already the kind of orgasm I was going to reach.My pleasure isn’t exclusively down to the stunning textures, as the suction control feature with the cap fully screwed on tight creates a tightening around my shaft that takes play to another level of masturbation ecstasy, As I slowly thrust the tight feeling sends me into a spine tingling pleasure throughout the length of my body, with the combination of the textures allowing my pleasure levels builds up over time till I reach the point of no return and experience an orgasm of high intensity stimulation inside the stunning Fleshlight girl moulded ass masturbator.

Cleaning of the Fleshlight is achieved quickly thanks to the inner sleeve being full removable. As this allows you to rinse through with warm water to remove any lube or body fluid. I then give the sleeve a good wash over with sex toy cleaner and leave to air dry overnight. There is after care required with Fleshlight as the sleeve will require a coating of renewal powder, which keeps the sleeve feeling soft and in top condition.I’m glad that I did take a chance to experience a new style of sex toy. As the Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt has been a revelation since I purchased the masturbator. There is so much pleasure held inside the pearlescent case. As Riley Ass is a treat to penetrate, while the tight textured sleeve provides the stimulation to create a stunning orgasmic experience to send my pleasure to new heights.Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt is available to purchase from lovehoney for £59.99. Fleshlight are usually on offer with 20% off when you purchase two. .

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