#SOSS: 3

Time for this week’s #SOSS post and I do enjoy seeing these posts as it does highlight over bloggers posts that might have been missed.

These are blogs posts that I have enjoyed reading this week.

The stand out post for me this week is article ‘Not in Texas’ (5 Weird Sex Laws and Restrictions) by Emmeline Peaches. It is amazing some the restrictions that apply on other countries. I own the Sense Max VR Headset I do enjoy reading other people opinions on products that I also own to see how their experience fared with the product. Candy Snatch posted her review of the Sense Max VR Headset this week. The Ooooh Review!

We-Vibe Wish Product Review is a well worth a read. I do love the set of photos to accompany the wish, especially the one to highlight the product being waterproof.Joanne’s Reviews has posted an article about the artwork she includes in with her reviews. She is asking people their views on the opinion of her artwork. A poll is included if you like to take part. The quality of her drawings I feel they should definitely stay as a part of her reviews and they do add to the appeal of her blog.Down the bunny rabbit hole blog is soon going to be turning one on the 3rd of December. To mark the occasion a giveaway is taking place to win the Fifty Shades Freed it’s Divine Glass Beaded Dildo.

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