#SOSS: 2

For this week’s #SOSS on posts I have enjoyed and read this week

The MEO Cyborg Exploration Cock Review by Emmeline Peaches did stand out to me as I unusual designed dildo that is of the sci-fi nature.

I am a fan of the fifty shades range of toys from lovehoney I do enjoy reading other people experiences with the range. Especially the new freed range of toys I did enjoy reading scandarella.com review of the Fifty Shades Freed Awash with Sensation Mains Wand Vibrator.

A post by Aurora Glory on Radical Acceptance in Relationships was an interesting read and is well worth a look.

The Queen Bee is a product I have read several different reviews on the results do seem to be very mixed. Here is Joanne’s Reviews of the Queen Bee.

I do enjoy So Divine products so when I did see that little switch bitch had posted a review of the So Divine Bootylicious Butt Plug with Crystals I went and had a read of her review.

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