#SOSS: 1

This is my first #soss post that is to highlight other bloggers posts that I have enjoyed reading recently, In the light of social media sites making it more difficult for bloggers posts to be seen.

With Halloween taking place this week I thought I would start with joanne reviews and her post on the Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein Silicone Dildo Review. There is so much about this review that is original and the drawings create a wonderful edge to the blog post.

I do love how Fleshlight has created there freaks range of toys with a horror theme to the fleshlights and dildos.

Little Switch Bitch MEO Magnetic Ball Weight

The Ball Weight stood out to me as soon as the review went live. Must be the kink in me. It certainly made me think whether to try a products of this nature. Maybe one for 2018.

Aurora Glory- October Favourites-Thwacks,Photo’s & Frothy Drinks.

The monthly round up by Aurora Is a blog post that I enjoy reading every month as I do find her thoughts on the previous months activities a good read and look back at her Sinful Sunday images.

Down the rabbit hole- Fun Factory Stronic Drei.

I love my Fun Factory Mr Boss that I own and when I do see reviews for other Fun Factory products I always go take a look.

Since this post is about bloggers I think the result of Kinkly Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2017 were released. This is a list worth viewing as there is some excellent bloggers including in the top 100.

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