Chastity Glans Ring Spiky.

When my parcel arrived from MEO there were some products inside that I had little information on.So there was a touch of the unknown lay waiting inside for me.One of those products was Chastity Glans Ring Spiky.The ring created many thoughts as it did intrigue me, while also making me wince all in the blink of an eye.

As I inspected the stainless steel ring over I couldn’t help but notice the solid six spikes firmly surrounding the circumference of the inner steel. Opening the ring up is done by releasing the clasp where there is a strong hinge positioned on the bottom of the glans ring. The outer edge of the ring has a shiny finish to the steel; there is the MEO logo to complete the ring appearance.img_8958 To wear the ring it has been designed to be placed on your flaccid shaft, positioned just underneath the head of your penis. While the ring doesn’t stop you from achieving an erection, the six sharp spikes will press into your shaft the firmer your erection grows where you will feel a series of sharp steel spikes firmly pressed into your shaft.Slipping the ring on is tricky but achievable as I am slightly bigger than the one inch inner diameter. Securing the clasp is relatively easy to aid in the ring fitting around my cock. I just need to be careful not to pinch any skin. I love the look of steel products on my cock and this ring does create the look that I crave with steel products. When my cock is flaccid the ring feels a delight to wear and can be worn for long periods of time. As soon as my shaft begins to go erect the spikes can very soon be felt, while I’m semi-erect the spikes do create a telling but pleasant feeling that I do enjoy the feeling as the spikes begin to push into my skin.As my erection continues to grow that is when the real feel of the spikes come into force there is no escaping the sharp prods arriving from the spikes as they do get more intense the firmer you are. That does make you feel you need to remove the ring but equally the unusual feeling of sharp instruments being pressed in to your shaft is a feeling that draws you in to carry on and experience the spiked sensations. If you do need to release yourself quickly from the ring then the clasp is very easy to undo instantly. All the times I have worn the ring the spikes have never torn my skin.The spiked ring was a new experience for myself,while the spikes do create a frightening appearance they are also deeply alluring. I love everything about this ring as the sharp spikes do offer a particular telling feeling as my erection grows. If you are looking to venture into spiked rings then this ring certainly deserves to be a part of your collection.The Chastity Glans Ring Spiky was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinion, which are my own. The glans ring can be purchased for a current sale price of €89.00

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