Black Berlin Lockable Wrist & Ankle Restraints

The Black Berlin Lockable Wrist & Ankle Restrains are a set of two restraints that can be purchased as individual products from MEO.I have decided to include both sets of restraints in one review as they have become a delightful set to pair together that has improved the level of our bondage play.

The restraints arrived inside a clear sealed plastic packaging. Included with the restraints is a gorgeous black velvet MEO branded drawstring storage bag.As I gave the restraints a through inspection over I was immediately impressed with the feel and build quality of the products as the inner finish to the cuffs is a thick padded lining.The outer finish of the restraints is strong black leather fastened strap which has 3 D-Rings attached and one belt buckle to provide a secure fit during use.The cuffs can be fastened only by the buckle if you wish to, as this will provide an easy release if needed.To be locked in to the cuffs there is a provided set of four MEO engraved padlocks which the supplied keys are all universal for unlocking every padlock.The size dimension of the cuffs for the wrist restraints are 11″ in length and has has a width of 8″. The ankle restraints are the same width the length is slightly bigger at 13″

We have used the cuffs during sex and bondage sessions. I positioned my wife on her side and fully secured her in the cuffs first and her immediate response was how comfortable they feel around her wrists and cuffs.The D-Rings do give you the opportunity to secure the cuffs together, there are a different number of items you can use to make this possible such as rope, chains or a spreader bar for the ankle cuffs.The cuffs perfectly held her in position as she was ideally positioned on the bed. As this did add an exciting edge to our session as it gave me the opportunity to tease, pleasure and enjoy as I had fully access to my wife where she were enjoyed being dominated. As I had full control that did allow for some exciting sex to commence that added an extra stimulation for both the both of us. When the session were over the cuffs are easily removed and didn’t leave any marked skin.When the time arrived for a bondage evening to begin, I couldn’t wait to be positioned and locked into the cuffs. Once there were wrapped around my wrists and cuffs, I could fully understand the comfortable feeling that my wife first commented on.  I have owned a suitable range of cuffs in the past I do feel that the Black Berlin Cuffs are of a luxury bondage nature. These restraints do provide with a full secure fit that leaves me ideally restrained for my spanking tools to be used on me and can be delivered in the style that I crave as there isn’t going to be any escaping from the cuffs.

The Black Berlin Lockable Wrist & Ankle Restrains are a bondage lover’s dream pair of restrains. They do feel delightfully soft on your skin during wear yet the thickness of the cuffs allows you to feel that you’re well secured. Whether were using the cuffs for a sex or bondage session they do help to create a dominant atmosphere that makes these cuffs an ideal pair to purchase whether you’re a beginner or experienced in restraint play.The Black Berlin Lockable Wrist & Ankle Restrains was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest review, This in no way influences my opinion, Which are my own. The restraints can be purchased here for a current sale price of €75.05

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