Male Chastity Device Nopacha 900

The Male Chastity Device Nopacha 900 is the first in a series of reviews of products from MEO that will be appearing on my blog over the coming months.If you haven’t heard of MEO before they are a German based on-line company since 1997. That stocks a varied range of bondage products and sex toys.

Delivery arrived within a few days which were impressive coming direct from Germany. The parcel was fully discreet so the contents of the parcel remained a secret until I opened up the box. The chastity device itself arrived hygienically double wrapped inside two sealed plastic packets.The contents of the packaging of the metal device are one cock ring which is designed to sit behind the penis and testicles, which has an internal diameter of 45mm.The cage itself is 85mm in length and has a caged mesh finish to the shaft area of the device, with an inner diameter of 35mm. The angled end of the cage has a polished appearance. The tip is slightly open as the six cage bars surround the head of the penis.As this allows for you to still be teased by your partner if they desired to do so. There is a perfectly sized hole positioned on the end of the cage to allow you to still go the bathroom comfortable. The finish piece to any chastity device is the gold coloured MEO branded padlock which arrives with two keys.I was impressed with the lovely velvet blue drawstring storage bag which is ideal for storing the cage in between uses.

I do love the dynamics male chastity can bring to our relationship especially as I hand the keys over and my sexual pleasure is now firmly controlled by my wife. Being placed in chastity can be quite the erotic moment, I find this to be further true when it is possible to place yourself in chastity. I find this is not always possible as keeping your penis flaccid when trying to place male products on your penis is not always the easiest task. I am pleased to report with this particular cage I managed to stay flaccid.While slipping the cock ring on behind both of my testicles and penis wasn’t the easiest of tasks it is still achievable to do by myself, while positioning my own penis inside the cage was the easier of the two jobs. A little lube rubbed over my shaft and as I slowly worked my way down the cage to insert myself in.  To fully secure myself in I slid the chunkiest of the three pins through the largest circle on the cage itself and then position the two thinner pins into the cock ring. The only matter you need to watch out for is pinching of the skin as you position all of the pins into place. Attaching the padlock is simply done as I slip it through the hole on the cock ring pin to leave you fully restrained inside the cock cage.The feel of wearing the cock ring is a delight as it does create firmness to my shaft. A particular feeling that I love when wearing a cock ring, expect this time my erection is ideally under control as the mesh cage firmly stops any growth. There is room for a slight enlargement especially in the open tip. That does enable the head of my penis to become slightly chunky that results in a tight feeling for my penis head as I become pressed up against the surrounding bars. This can be quite sexy in itself as a reminder that I’m now firmly in chastity and my erections are under control. The cage is comfortable to wear and does feel lightweight over the length of my penis. This allows the cage to be suited for your needs on the length of time you will remain in the cage for. Personally I feel this particular cage is more suited for short term wear.While wearing the cage during regular daytime activities it is fully functional as I slipped on a pair of jeans there was no obviously bulge coming from my groin area. Much to our delight this does leave me free to go out in chastity. When nature calls there isn’t an issue and is easy to go the bathroom. Overnight I have slept in the cage and generally slept ok with the cage apart from some middle of the night erection that the cage duly stopped. Waking up in the morning still in chastity is quite the morning view for both of us.The Male Chastity Device Nopacha 900 is a well-made quality metal cage. I feel it is suitable as a good first choice chastity device if you are just starting to venture into the world of male chastity. The cock ring is a delight to wear behind your penis and testicles, while the cage doesn’t stop your erections fully it certainly does keep them in controlled. Though fully possible to wear for long periods I do feel the cage is best suited to short term play in the bedroom.

The Male Chastity Device Nopacha 900 was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest review, This in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.

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